Obama Betrays Black Americans With His Amnesty Stance


Obama Betrays Black Americans With His Amnesty Stance
The flood of illegal immigrants will serve to dispossess Black Americans

AFRICANGLOBE – It appears that President Obama and the Democrat Party are willing to throw Black Americans overboard in exchange for amnesty. In a quest to maintain power, the Democrats have discovered that there are not enough Black American voters to keep them in office.

The sad truth is Black Americans to this day still have the highest unemployment numbers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics April’s unemployment numbers, Black unemployment is currently around 11.6% and 36.8% for black teens. An influx of low-skilled immigrants will make it more difficult for Black Americans to compete for low-skilled jobs. A member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights has written a letter to the Congressional Black Caucus concerning amnesty:

Commissioner Peter Kirsanow, in his individual capacity as a member of the eight-member commission, wrote to Rep. Marcia Fudge (R-OH), the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), and said that amnesty would “disproportionately harm lower-skilled African-Americans” whose economic conditions have already gotten worse under America’s first Black president.

He asked members of the CBC to “oppose any legislation that would grant any form of work authorization to illegal aliens” and “oppose legislation that would increase the overall number of guest workers admitted to the U.S. each year.”

The irony of Mr. Kirsanow statement is the outright admission of the high unemployment numbers for Black Americans under the administration of the first Black president. This is not the first time Black leaders and organizations have written letters outlining the unemployment plight of the Black community, and the negative impact amnesty would have on the employment outlook for Black Americans. In June of 2013, the Black American Leadership Alliance (BALA) wrote a letter highlighting some statistics:

Many studies have shown that Black Americans are disproportionately harmed by mass immigration and amnesty. Most policy makers who favor the legalization of nearly 11 million aliens fail to acknowledge that decades of high immigration levels has caused unemployment to rise significantly, most particularly among Black Americans.

According to research conducted by University of California San Diego economics Professor Gordon H. Hanson, immigration has accounted for 40% of the 18 percentage point decline in Black employment rates, and current immigration proposals are sure to substantially raise these numbers.

Black Americans have been the most loyal supporters of President Obama and the Democrat party. No other group has voted consistently for a party in such large numbers while getting the least return on their investment. Yet, I have not witnessed any public pushback directed at the president or the Democrat party from the Black community. With the recent influx of illegal children housed in shelters and military bases around the country, surely Black America will wake up and take notice. Although some Black leaders are speaking out, the Black community as a whole seems to have their heads in the sand. If the president and the Democrats get their way, amnesty will be here to stay. If Black Americans are willing to continue to support the president to their own detriment, their psychosis is worse than I thought.


By Patricia L. Dickson


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