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The Obama Divide In the Black Community


Barack Obama
Barack Obama overwhelmingly won the Black vote

AFRICANGLOBE – Some people believe that President Barack Obama has done nothing for the African American community and that he just flat out ignores his own people.

But the other side of the argument is that we as a people have become too dependent upon our commander in chief. Now before I begin both sides make a compelling argument and I agree with both sides which I will begin to explain.

Members of the Black community feel that President Barack Obama owes them more economic employment, a swift decision on gun violence and a larger investment in education.

Some members of the Black community such as Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornel West have been highly critical of President Barack Obama’s response to the staggering figures when it comes to the ridiculously high unemployment rate for Blacks.

For some part I can understand why African-Americans feel that our president is obligated to give us a helping hand. I mean if it wasn’t for our 96% of the African-American vote back in 2008 then Barrack Obama wouldn’t have become our first African-American president.

Also, if it wasn’t for our devotion and time to standing on those long and ridiculous lines waiting to vote as our voting rights were being attacked by republicans then President Obama would’ve became a one term president. So yes I can understand where some of you are coming from.

Now me personally I have an issue with the fact that gun violence has been going on in his home town of Chicago and he has yet to visit the countless families that have lost their children to senseless violence. But he has the quickness to call a press conference and cry for those kids in Sandy Hook who were murdered which could back on some of you who say Obama doesn’t care about Black people.

Now on the other hand you have people who say that President Obama is doing the best that he can and that we as a people have to do our part. Now I can definitely agree with this far too many times we expect people to just lead us to success rather than helping each other. We also need to pick our own slack, raise our own kids, support and create our own businesses and be passionate about black on black crime the same way we are about Trayvon Martin or Jordan Davis.

Also think about this for a moment President Obama doesn’t have the power to overthrow congress in other words congress can veto any bill that he presents which has happened since he stepped foot in office. Also so many people bring up problems but I never see anyone post up solutions. I feel that we should hold our president accountable to his promises but we should also hold ourselves accountable for our communities…..


By; Shawn Hudson 

Also one may purchase his book which is self entitled; By Any Means.

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