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2016 Congressional Black Caucus dinner
Obama has refused to address any Black specific issues.

AFRICANGLOBE – President Barack Obama made quite a splash at a 2016 Congressional Black Caucus dinner.

News reports say Obama gave his most fiery Presidential speech ever as he tried to fire up some political puppets before the upcoming fall elections.

I say puppets because even if the President didn’t say a mumbling word, Black elected officials would probably vote for every Democrat anyway. The people that represent African American communities in the United States have been classically conditioned that way, sort of like Pavlov’s dogs!

Classical conditioning (also known as Pavlovian or respondent conditioning) refers to a learning procedure in which a biologically potent stimulus (e.g. food or campaign contributions) is paired with a previously neutral stimulus (e.g. a bell or political puppet strings). It also refers to the learning process that results from this pairing, through which the neutral stimulus comes to elicit a response (e.g. political salivation) that is usually similar the one elicited by the potent stimulus. These basic facts, which require many qualifications, were first studied in detail by Ivan Pavlov through experiments with dogs.

Anyway, in his speech, President Barack Obama sounded like Malcolm X.

However, don’t get it twisted, the President wouldn’t go to sleep and dream about saying things like Minister Malcolm said with the predominately white Capitol Press Corps in the room writing, taping or videoing his every word.

The tone of the President could be compared to the Malcolm X tone when Malcolm was trying to make an important point.

The President was pretty much blasting Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump and praising the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

That was expected. But one comment the President said caught my attention.

He suggested that votes by African Americans to support Hillary was a vote needed to continue his legacy.

Well, The Gantt Report only wants to continue the “good” parts of his legacy.

Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about.

I don’t want to continue his legacy of letting Goldman Sachs, AIG, Lehman Brothers, Wells Fargo and other beast bankers wheel, deal and steal as much money customers and bank depositors as they want to and not going to jail like the poor parents that shoplift food to feed their children do.

I don’t want to continue the legacy of spending trillions of tax dollars to fight ISIS in the Middle East and little or nothing to fight Boko Haram and other terrorists in Africa that kidnap and rape Black children.

I don’t want to continue the legacy of letting Federal Prosecutors and investigative agencies rubber stamp whatever decisions that State Attorneys make in regard to the murders, beatings, false arrests and false charges of innocent Black men, women and children.

Oh I could go on and on but I try to keep my columns somewhat short.

Yes, I’ll be the first to agree that President Barack Obama has been the very best President of the United States in my lifetime or, perhaps, in history.

But in one significant way, Obama has treated us just like every other Commander in Chief, Blacks always put Obama first and Obama put us last with speeches for us, pardons for us and money for us!

Oh, I’m sorry Obama and every other political candidate of every political party never seek to spend political money with the Black people whose votes they need so much!

The ”money comment” was a cruel inside joke!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net


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