Obama Is ‘A White President In Black Face’

Obama Is ‘A White President In Black Face’
Black economic empowerment is the only thing that will raise Black America’s stock

AFRICANGLOBE – A major television mogul has harsh words for President Barack Obama.

Byron Allen, chairman and CEO of Entertainment Studios, says Black America has fallen further behind since Obama has been in office.

“President Obama is – at this point – a white president in black face,” Allen told TMZ. “And Black America would’ve done much better with a white president. Look at the numbers. President Obama, you have let us down tremendously. You have let us down.”

Allen, 54, stated that he has “grave concerns” about the president.

“I say to President Obama – you have to remember who you are. Don’t forget who you are,” he told TMZ.

He continued: “We’re being murdered in the streets. We’re being murdered in the courtroom. We’re being murdered in the boardroom. You’ve caught the biggest corporations using the ‘N’ word. You have to stand up at some point. It’s ok to be the president of the United States and also be a Black man. It’s human, and guess what, people will respect you more if you stop acting like you’re not.”

Allen also touched on Obama’s comments regarding the Baltimore riots, calling those who participated “thugs.”

“I’m disappointed President Obama called those young men out there in Baltimore thugs,” Allen explained to TMZ. “I’m not condoning violence, but I don’t think we should call them thugs because we’ve positioned them to fail and the system has failed them.”