Obama: Four More Years of Racism

President Obama
Let racism be a problem for the racists not you

The racial hatred toward President Hussein Barack Obama never ends.

It was bad enough that conservative blowhard Ann Coulter called Obama a “retard,” but now that Obama has soundly thrashed Mitt Romney to re-claim the White House, angry bigots are coming out of the shadows.

Take Denise Helms, a 22-year-old California woman who was living in complete obscurity until last week’s racial meltdown.

“Another 4 years of this ni**er,” Helms wrote on her Facebook page on Election Night. “Maybe he will get assassinated this term…”

Helms’ bigoted comments went viral instantly and she became a dubious celebrity of sorts overnight.

I’m not surprised by Helms’ racist rant on Facebook. And she’s not alone.

Helms is probably saying publicly what many conservatives are saying – or thinking – privately, much like Romney’s infamous secret video where he told a group of wealthy donors that “47 percent” of Obama’s supporters are mooching off the system and do not take personal responsibility for their lives.

Sadly, many conservatives will never see Obama as a brilliant Harvard Law School graduate, a caring father and husband, a compassionate visionary who defied the odds to win election to the White House — twice. Many Republicans will only focus on race – America’s first African American president who has been rudely reduced to the N-word.

In an interview with Fox in Sacramento, Helms said: “I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. The assassination part [of her post] is kind of harsh. I’m not saying like I would go do anything like that, by any means. But if it was to happen, [an assassination] I don’t think I’d care one bit.”

Helms also said that her use of the N-word does not mean she’s a racist.

Yes, it does.

“Apparently a lot of people in Sacramento think I’m crazy and racist,” Helms posted on her Facebook page in a follow-up response.
“WOW is all I got to say!! I’m not racist and I’m not crazy. Just simply stating my opinion.!!!”

But when asked by Fox, she “equated the president with the n-word,” Helms responded: “Sure.”

So one week after the presidential election, where 58 million Americans voted against the president, Obama is faced with another monumental challenge: He must meet with congressional Republicans on Friday to avoid a so-called “fiscal cliff” – a set of devastating tax increases that will take effect in January and could cripple the economy.

Obama has two choices: Compromise with Republicans or prepare for a prolonged legislative fight. Either way, Obama will be sparring with some congressional conservatives who may view him in the same way as Helms.

America is more racially divided today than ever before – and it’s getting worse, in large part because conservatives won’t accept a Black man in the White House. The president doesn’t have to dwell on it, but he does have to live with it.”

Since Obama took office in 2008, the number of hate groups has increased significantly from coast to coast. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks White supremacist groups, there are 1,018 active hate groups in America. And as the nation becomes blacker and browner, more racists are rising up against the ever-changing racial demographics of our society.

Helms may be part of those hate groups, we don’t know for sure. What I do know is this: Helms is ignorant – and her ignorance got her fired from her job at the Cold Stone Creamery.

“We found her comments to be very disgusting, and they do not reflect our opinions here,” Chris Kegle, the store director, told reporters.

“We made the decision [to fire her] because of her comments, but also the community feedback,” Kegle said. “We are very into working with the community and doing community service. So when your community does not like you because of an employee, that’s bad. We have a business to run.”

Racists like Helms are everywhere. They work in places like Cold Stone Creamery – and on Capitol Hill. Conservative bigots will continue to attack Obama during his next four years in office and try to block most – if not all – of his legislative initiatives. I know it. You know it. The president knows it.

Here’s the truth: There are many Republicans on Capitol Hill who will never be able to look past Obama’s colour to offer the kind of bipartisan support and leadership needed to move America forward.

And while millions of Americans – Blacks, Whites, Latinos and Asians – genuinely want to see Obama succeed, there will forever be racists like Helms who cannot stand to see a Black man in the White House.

But that’s her problem.


By; Michael Cottman