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Officials Deny Editing Sandra Bland Dashcam Video


Officials Deny Editing Sandra Bland Dashcam Video
Sandra Bland being arrested by thug cop

AFRICANGLOBE – Texas authorities are denying accusations that the shocking Sandra Bland dashcam video has been edited.

Jumps, loops and other inconsistencies in the 52-minute dashcam video of Bland’s July 10 arrest are due to “technical issue during posting,” rather than editing, Tom Vinger, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety, told NBC News.

The 28-year-old woman was found dead in a jail cell three days after authorities in Prairie View, Texas, pulled Bland over for allegedly failing to signal a lane change. Her encounter with Texas state trooper Brian Encinia quickly escalated when she refused to put out her cigarette and exit her vehicle.

Footage of the incident shows Encinia drawing his Taser and telling Bland, “I will light you up.”

Since the video’s release, several news outlets have noted inconsistencies in the video, such as choppy segments and a lack of continuity.

“At several points in the video of Bland’s arrest, posted Tuesday to the department’s YouTube channel, video of a person walking or a car driving by are cut or repeat themselves as the audio continues uninterrupted.” NBC News reported.

Officials Deny Editing Sandra Bland Dashcam Video
Only in America can a Black person get arrested for an “illegal lane change” then end up dead in a prison cell THREE DAYS LATER

At one point, a white car enters the left side of the frame and suddenly disappears, only to reappear seconds later and repeat the same trajectory.

At another point in the video, a man exits a truck, walks around Bland’s car, and exits the frame on the right. The video then loops, showing what appears to be the same footage of the man as he exits the truck — all while the audio continues without pause.

Police took Bland into custody and charged her with assaulting an officer. She was found hanging in her jail cell with a plastic trash bag around her neck three days later.

Bland’s death was originally ruled a suicide. Her family members dismiss the idea she was suicidal, saying she was excited about starting a new job at her alma mater, Prairie View A&M University.

Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis said on Monday he would investigate her death as a homicide. Encinia has been has been put on desk duty for violating protocol in Bland’s arrest, officials have said.


By: Steve Hoffer


Control Freak With A Badge Terrorize And Arrest Sandra Bland 

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