Teacher Suspended After Telling Black Student ‘We Do Not Need Another Black President

Ohio Tacher Suspended We Do Not Need Another Black President
Black students are overly punished and routinely steered towards low paying jobs by school administrators

AFRICANGLOBE – A Fairfield Freshman School teacher has been suspended without pay and faces the prospect of dismissal after allegedly making racially insensitive statements to a student earlier this month.

Monday, the Fairfield Board of Education suspended science teacher Gil Voigt. He has 10 days to request a hearing before the school board or a referee.

Voigt, who is White, is accused of telling a Black male student, “We do not need another Black president” after the student said he would like to become president.

The incident occurred on Dec. 3, with several other students present, according to a report from Assistant Superintendent Roger Martin, who conducted a disciplinary hearing on the matter.

It isn’t the first time the 14-year Fairfield teacher has been disciplined. He received a verbal warning for making an inappropriate racial comment in 2008. That year he also received a verbal warning for improper use of school technology.

Last year he received a verbal warning after allegedly calling a student “stupid” and belittling him. He received a written warning last month for failure to use the adopted curriculum.

“This is a rare occurrence. This is the first time I’ve faced it since being named assistant superintendent (in 2011),” Martin said.

In his report, Martin said he believed four students were interviewed who corroborated the student Voigt was speaking to.

Following a complaint by the student’s parents, the teen was removed from Voigt’s class, Martin said.

“We intend to uphold board policies and to hold teachers accountable for the essential functions of the teacher job description,” Martin said.

Voigt is accused of violating board policies related to staff ethics, staff-student relations and harassment.

Voigt was not present at the meeting and could not be reached on Monday for comment.

According to the report, Voigt said his statement was misquoted by the student, who he now allege was not a very good student and was troublesome in class.

Voigt has been a Fairfield teacher since 2000. Before that he taught seven years in North Carolina, two years in Florida and six years in the Cincinnati Public Schools


By: Sue Kiesewetter


  1. The devils will continue to be the devils, we cannot change then, we just need to look out for ourselves, especially our children and not keep putting them in harms way of our well know predators, the pale face devils then making damn excuses after the fact

  2. We must expose and rid the schools of these people too. We need alternatives. Got any suggestions? Until then, we must expose and take action.

  3. Mike Brown You are aware that the USA is a Euro American sovereign nation. So Euro Americans have the sovereign rights to decide whether they desire a black president or not. You can’t get mad at white people for not wanting a black president. When the sovereignty of this nation belongs to them. Become a citizen of China and demand a black president of China. And watch those Chinese revoke your citizenship and demand you to get out of their country. If African Americans desired nationalism. Then they wouldn’t have to worry about another race of people not wanting a black president.

  4. Kimberly, i’m very open to truth. I have a very strong teachable spirit. Feeding me “truth” with a humble spirit tastes so much better than “assumptions” and a display of arrogance and a critical spirit. Enlighten me, don’t waste time pretending that you possess ALL knowledge, truth and enlightenment.

  5. I would not want any Black child of mine or yours being the face for white supremacy which is what you’re telling your Black children to do as POTUS…We only have to look at Barack Hussein Obama to see that having Black faces in high places is no damn guarantee that it’ll make our conditions better as a people when the system is still own and controlled in the rear by pale face devils…We’ve had over fifty years with this bad experiment called “integration/assimilation” whereby we’ve had more Blacks as CEOs, sheriffs, police officers, police chiefs, judges, district attorneys, politicians, mayors, governors etc but did having all these HNICs improve or made our lives any better having them in place? We need to grow the fu*k up as a people and stop thinking that having Black people window dressing, showboating for white supremacy, putting our own in place to beat our Black asses down for white supremacy will somehow be better than the pale face devils doing the ass whooping themselves

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  7. Did the Black Student abandon his ambition ? Even if the teacher won´t vote him he is still only one in millions .He shouldn´t be suspended . The president – to – be should take this as a delicious snack or did he think it is all roses being president .Stand your ground student !

  8. Did the Black Student abandon his ambition ? Even if the teacher won´t vote him he is still only one in millions .He shouldn´t be suspended . The president – to – be should take this as a delicious snack or did he think it is all roses being president .Stand your ground student !

  9. See, mess like this is why I believe black male students suffer at the hands of uninformed and insensitive white teachers, especially white females. Get your son out of there if there is a teacher pushing this mentally and emotionally and psychologically demeaning rhetoric.

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