An Open Letter to the Black Females

Black Females
Black women are the mothers of humanity

Dear Black Female,

It’s ok to make that transition from Black Female to Black Woman. But, I’m not rushing you into something you are not ready for. The time will show itself when you should move on. Yes, I understand that you are afraid. We all were when it was time to move from clubbing, fighting, having sex with multiple men for no reason other than to fill an empty void that remained empty no matter how many people you’ve been with.

Black Female, I love you, not because you are my Black sister or because I feel pity for you; I love you because I, too, was you. Black female, you may hold back the tears, until late night when you are all alone. But, know, I cry for you in the day and the night. Black Female, your beauty surpasses anything on this Earth. You are not a b*tch. You have the potential for more than has been programed into you.

Black Female, you don’t have to settle for drinking to fill your days. Why not fill out that college application you’ve been thinking about over the years. You didn’t finish school? Don’t let that hold you back. You can do anything. I know you are hurting. I bleed your woes. I see you lonely but learn to love and respect yourself and a Black Man will find you and comfort you and be there with you. Let the Black Males go… Aren’t you tired of all the pain and confusion these Black Males bring? A Black Man will be beside you and not behind you or in the front of you.

A Black Man would give his life for yours. A Black Male has not idea what he even wants. Black Female, your child looks to you as a leader and a protector. Please, stop taking your child here and there. Please, stop teaching your child things that only the streets will hold highly. Black Female, PLEASE , don’t allow your child to become a victim of the cycle. You see it in your child’s eyes… the same potential that’s in yours. No, stop crying. This isn’t the time.

I’m here with you. Look around… we are here with you to help you with this transition. It’s not going to be easy. If I tell you that, It’d be a lie. You will lose, many faux friend. But, in the end you will gain something even greater… the title of Black Woman and no one can ever take that away from you. I know you’re busy, So, I’ll let you go. But, keep this in the back of your mind as you go throughout your day.


The, Once, Black Female,

Felicia Bue