Opportunities For Black Political Professionals – The Gantt Report

Opportunities For Black Political Professionals - The Gantt Report
Almost none of the vast sums spent by political parties goes to Black businesses

AFRICANGLOBE – The Gantt Report would like to thank people in Florida like Henry Crespo,  Bishop Victor Curry and Cheryl Gonzalez , other people across the country and entrepreneurs like America’s Black media owners that have been fighting for Blacks to get political business from both Democrats and Republicans.

I don’t expect political parties in the United States to do the right thing and spend money with Black owned media and with Black political professionals.

The big contributors will never earmark their contributions to go toward funding political efforts in Black communities and the small contributors to Democratic and Republican Parties will probably never demand that their money be spent in a diverse manner.

I want the Black brothers and sisters that have went to school and studied political science, mass communications, public relations, journalism, fine art, TV and radio production, opinion polling, computer programming, social media marketing and other fields used in politics to pursue other work alternatives.

I want the men and women that have worked for years at newspapers, at magazines, at web sites, at broadcast stations, at direct mailers, at opponent research companies, at print shops at sign companies and at other firms to seek other opportunities to use your experience and skills.

Even though you are used and abused, neglected, ignored, deemed inferior and taken advantage of by so-called major political parties that don’t like you and don’t want you to participate in money making aspects of politics look at the big picture!

Don’t go to Cleveland like LeBron James, go to your real home! Go to Africa, go to the Caribbean or go to South America where Black political professionals are treated with ultimate respect.

The American politicians that you love, no matter if they are Black or white or if they are Democratic or Republican, will never hire a Black business person to manage and coordinate a statewide or national political campaign!

Yes, statewide in the past, but in the Tea Party influenced 2000s , the devils political ice will always be colder.

A young white consultant with little or no political campaign coordination experience will be given the job to manage the campaign of a Black candidate, not to make him win, just so the young white can get “experience”.

Democrats have won recent Presidential elections because Black voters voted for a Black President but they lose almost every other election because Democrats would rather rehire losing white political consultants rather than hire Black consultants with winning election records!

I don’t care how much experience a Black woman or a Black man has in guiding wining political campaigns, she or he will ultimately have to go out of business if the business only does domestic political work.

However, if you have political eyes you can see the political world from an international perspective.

You can see more political respect, more political appreciation and more political love for Black political professionals everywhere in the world than you see in your our country, state or city!

You can see that there are more Black politicians on earth than there are white politicians!

Get to know some politicians and political parties outside of the United States. Market your political company, your political experience and your political skills internationally.

Smart politicians know that there are some Black political professionals that have been working international political campaigns for years and have a strong record of successful political victories.

Smart voters would begin to support candidates and political parties that support Black people, support Black voters and support Black political professionals!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net


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