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Outdated Religious Traditions May Be Keeping Black Women Single

Ira J. Acree author of In Pursuit of Mr. Right
Ira J. Acree author of In Pursuit of Mr. Right

Over the past few years, several major media outlets have featured news stories about the crisis in Black marriage. One of the most staggering statistics those stories revealed is that a whopping 42% of Black women have never been married.

So why are Black women having such a difficult time finding a mate and why does this problem seem to be as bad or worse among women in the church?

Acree adds that much of the Bible has been mis-interpreted when it comes to whether women should even engage in the act of pursuing a man.

He also says women must uphold certain rules of engagement during their search for “Mr. Right.””For the unmarried Christian woman, much of the problem has to do with what they’ve been taught in the church,” says Pastor Ira J. Acree the author of In Pursuit of Mr. Right. Acree heads St. John Bible Church on Chicago’s Westside and has counseled hundreds of couples and singles over the years.

“Too many women are trapped by tradition,” says Acree. “They think that making the first move implies that you are desperate or less of a lady and that is simply not true,” he adds. In the book, Acree goes on to give vivid examples of women icons from the bible that went after the men they wanted and got them.

There are also some old school traditions however that Acree says women would be wise to adhere to if they want to find a lasting love.

“Resist the urge to give up the ‘goodies’ to quickly because easy women rarely get chosen by ‘kings,” Acree quips.

In Pursuit of Mr. Right combines biblical wisdom with real-world wit and honesty. “The goal is to help today’s women stop making common yet massive mistakes that keep them from finding, marrying and keeping their “Mr. Right,” Acree said.

In Pursuit of Mr. Right is available online in paperback and for popular eReader devices. Visit Amazon.com or www.IraJAcree.com



Ira Acree has pastored the Greater St. John Bible Church on Chicago’s Westside for more than 20 years. He is a respected advocate for empowerment through the principles of entrepreneurship, education, economics and evangelism. Pastor Acree is also a mainstay within Chicago’s activist community. Although writing books, leading his congregation and spending time with his family keep him busy, Pastor Acree remains at the fore of his community.

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