Get Paid By Shopping On Black Friday 2010

Get Paid By Shopping On Black Friday 2010

It’s a lot easier to work when there is some sort of incentive. Are you the type of person that likes to do all their Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve? I understand shopping on Black Friday may not seem appealing to you, especially with all of the crowds, but what if I told you that you could treat yourself to something neat with the money you save by shopping on Black Friday?

Create a Budget for Black Friday 2010. The first step is to create a total Christmas budget. This is to help you from spending too much and paying your credit card all year long just to do it all over again in 2011. If you have $ 1000 to spend and 20 gifts to buy target $ 50 per gift.

Figure Out What You’ll save with Black Friday Savings. Now that you have these numbers in mind go ahead and look through the black Friday ads for items that your friends, will like, you wouldn’t normally think $ 50 was too expensive, and is less than $ 50 in this shopping special. Say it’s only $ 25. You’ve just added $ 25 to your own personal gift account. Do this for every person and you might save $ 500 dollars of what you were going to spend. Are you motivated now?

Use the Motivation to Face Shopping. Now you actually have to act on your motivation. Start off with setting an alarm clock for a decent morning time before your turkey coma kicks in. Otherwise, you will sleep in and miss out on all of the deals. If you don’t get up on time you probably might as well not go at all.

Yes, the Black Friday 2010 crowd can be a little crazy. But don’t worry about it. Just be smart, and be respectful of other people. At the end of the day Christmas is about family and love, so treat people with respect. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t run through the door and aisles to get what you want! Remember your purchases by bringing the Black Friday ad with you.

Focus on the task at hand. You’re not there to socialize. You’re not there to browse, at least not initially. Make sure you get what you went there for first, then you can take the time to drool over all the huge Black Friday sales and discounts. If all you do is get your item and run to the cash register, you should be able to be out of the store in less than an hour.

Enjoy Your Spoils. Once you are done with your gift buying adventure you’ll be able to kick back, and do a little black Monday online shopping for yourself with your savings. Plus, your family will actually appreciate the gifts. In the end you might find that you enjoy giving a great gift more than you like buying yourself a new golf club, or pair of pants, or new shoes. Well, probably not new shoes, but you know what I mean.

Black Friday Shopping is Worth it. This year is going to offer some fantastic deals. Retail stores are ready to post some good numbers to their shareholders and shoppers are ready to try spending again. If you’re prepared and not crazy you should get through this shopping season with some great deals.

Looking to find the best Black Friday deals? Don’t wait until the Thanksgiving newspaper comes out, see the Black Friday Ads weeks in advance