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The Palestinianization Of Blacks In The United States

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Law Enforcement’s Shameful Campaign Against Black America
America’s police departments are nothing but the militarized wing of White supremacy

AFRICANGLOBE – After three weeks of brutal Israeli ground attacks on Gaza this summer, Israel and the Palestinians entered yet another temporary cease-fire in this latest conflict. How long this cease-fire will last is anyone’s guess. The fact of the matter is the Israeli government and the Palestinian people have been in armed conflict since before World War II – for nearly 75 years now! Their war is an ongoing one.

In addition to their ongoing war, the Israeli government has stolen most of the Palestinian peoples’ land, has colonized the Palestinians and has regulated them to reservations under a racist Israeli apartheid system; Israel has transformed the Palestinians’ Gaza Strip and West Bank lands into the largest open air prison in the world; it has subjected the Palestinians to domestic capitalism and used them as a source of exploitable, cheap labor force inside Israel; it has occupied Palestinian lands with military patrols, check points, drones and weapons provided by the U.S.A’s very own Pentagon; it has mass incarcerated Palestinians in Israeli prisons and has with wanton cruelty killed Palestinian men, women and children in their homes and streets as if Palestinian life has no worth. The Palestinians have responded to such demonic behavior and treatment with stiff resistance.

Similarly, the United States of America’s treatment of Black people – it’s so-called citizens – are nearly identical to how the Israelis treat the Palestinian people. The U.S. government stole about 2 million acres of land from Black people since 1865. The U.S. subjected Black people to a racist apartheid system, commonly called Jim Crow, from about 1880 to the 1970s.

The U.S. continues to impose an American-style racial caste system against Black people that prevents collective economic empowerment and social equality. The U.S. majority Anglo-American government does not give voice to nor address the collective issues of the minority Black people, as a pluralist governmental system would provide, which has transformed Black people into a permanent underclass whose rights exist only when in the interest of the majority.

The U.S. has domestically colonized Black people in the inner colonies of urban and rural American cities. The U.S., under domestic capitalism, dominates and exploits Black people as a source of cheap labor – especially in its prison systems.

The U.S. occupies Black communities with militarized police forces and the Pentagon provides those police forces with surplus military equipment, including helicopters, drones and Bearcat Armored Personnel Carriers to use against Black people. The U.S. mass incarcerates Black people and unarmed Black males are murdered by killer cops in the streets at will.

What we have going on here in America is an ongoing counter-insurgency war by the dominant, majoritarian, Anglo-American U.S. government against the minority Black peoples. What we have here is the Palestinianization of Blacks in the United States.


By: Kerry Marshall


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