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Paltry Compensation For Women Sterilised Against Their Will

Elaine Riddick was secretly sterilised 1968

Black women sterilised against their will under a secret US state programme could be paid $50,000 compensation, according to reports.

A government task force in North Carolina has allegedly agreed to the ruling, making them the first state to compensate victims of a controversial public health practice called eugenics, a mass sterilisation programme that targeted poor African Americans.

In 1968 Elaine Riddick, a victim of child molestation was sterilised after giving birth to her son at a North Carolina hospital. She found out years later.

The state has located 72 such victims, according to Jill Lucas, communications director for the North Carolina Department of Administration.

“The state recognizes that a wrong has been done and while these actions can never be reversed, the governor has made it a priority to reach out and help identify and compensate victims for their experience,” said Lucas.

The panel reportedly recommended that the pay outs go to verified living victims. Following their findings they found that 1,500 to 2,000 of those who was secretly sterilised were still alive.

If these numbers prove to be correct, the US government are expected to pay out a massive $100 million in compensation.

Survivors will reportedly have three years to apply for payments.

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