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People Claiming #ColumbusWasAHero Are On The Wrong Side Of History


Race: Something Happened After 1492
Genocidal maniac Columbus set sail in 1492

AFRICANGLOBE – Christopher Columbus was a cruel colonizer who enslaved thousands of people and decimated the native populations he met. He killed, raped and plundered his way through the New World but his story has given rise to pervasive myths, like that he proved the Earth is round.

Regardless, people are out today in abundance to celebrate Columbus Day and a hashtag #ColumbusWasAHero is trending.

  The commentary that accompanies the hashtag is mostly self-righteous and affronted — people are upset that Columbus’ great contribution to America, namely that he brought a bunch of Europeans to the American continent, is being overlooked. Other Tweeters compare the current immigration discussion around Columbus Day. 

A handful of cities, including Seattle and Minneapolis, have already ousted the holiday, which was established in 1968, in favor of “Indigenous Peoples Day,” and more cities are following suit.

Columbus’ legacy is on its way out and a half-hearted hashtag — which is mostly populated by white supremacists with a tenuous grasp on history — is the best indicator of it.


By: Nadya Agrawal


Racism A History

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