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A Poem for Black History Month


A Poem for Black History Month
A Poem for Black History Month

Say it loud – I’m Black and I’m proud.
_ James Brown.

I am made in Negro-land
I am made of steely bones
I am imperishable through the ages
I am pulchritudinous, though considered ancient
when civilization goes and come, I stand
When ancient cultures and civilization fades, I stand
Where are the Mayans, Atlantis, Neandethals and Caribs
They are either obscured or extinct into modern oblivion
I understand the impermanence of life
So I float on the waves of time, imperturbably
The slave raid or slave trade is a cosmic design
And I found beauty in our ashes – a gain in our pains
Her seeds were planted on foreign lands
But now is their hour to push out and sprout
Smile, soon would be the season for harvest
If only the slave-master knew the seeds of  mama Africa would still kings
Wake up to her call any indolent seed of Africa’s loins
The earth have harbored and nurtured you enough
Come forth receive life and light indubitably
Be green in season and out of season
In winter you shall not wither
In fall your leaves may fall but your fruits shall ripen
For the earth is your mother cease not to forget
We are indissoluble standing erect together
We are unbreakable holding firmly hands
We are of single fruit of different shades
But we taste sweetly the same
Yield to her sayings and you shall yield well
Anyone that may not be part of our solution must be part of our problem
Spoken by her Black Harbinger of Renaissance.


A Poem By; Bobmanuel Alakhume

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