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Police Chief Caught Doing Over 100 Miles Per Hour Gets A Laugh But No Ticket


Police Chief Caught Doing Over 100 Miles Per Hour Gets A Laugh But No Ticket
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AFRICANGLOBE – Video footage of a police chief being pulled over for traveling at speeds above 100 miles per hour was only released after one irritated citizen watched the top cop drive into the sunset without as much as a ticket.

Some criminals are let off with a slap on the wrist, but one Arkansas police chief got off with less than a slap on the wrist for speeding, with responding officers laughing during the traffic stop.

Brinkley Police Department Chief Edward Randle was pulled over by a state trooper who had been called for assistance by a Brinkley police officer. However, any concern the trooper may have had quickly disappeared when he recognized Randle while approaching the truck.

Where are you going so fast?” the trooper asked Randle, chuckling. Randle told the trooper that he was heading to “the game,” a football game he was refereeing later that evening, KTHV reported.

When the Brinkley officer approached the vehicle, Randle proceeded to give him a hard time, saying: “I know you didn’t call the state police!” The officer explained that he did not announce the truck’s license plate into the reading, saying, “I didn’t have your plate, so it didn’t go over.

The only time the reason for Randle’s speeding was mentioned in the recording was when the state trooper told him, “I had you locked in at 107 [miles per hour].

It won’t go over 95,” Randle replied.

Randle continued to defend himself using this argument, telling KTHV that the truck has a governor device on the engine that prevents it from going above 95 miles (153 km) per hour. However, the officer told Randle that he was driving 90 miles (145 km) per hour and was still only trailing Randle.

Randle denied going close to 95 miles per hour, he even denied the trooper’s comment that he had been driving “71 (114 km) at the curve.

The confrontation ended quickly with all parties going their separate ways after a sum total of 45 seconds. The whole issue would have likely flown under the radar, had it not been for a citizen who witnessed it.

Benjamin Martin was leaving Clarendon, a nearby town, when he noticed the Brinkley police car in Clarendon city limits and pulled over to watch. What he saw troubled him, to say the least.

I find it, you know, very disheartening, that anyone, public official or not, would show such blatant disregard for the speed limit, and put the lives of innocent others at risk,” Martin told KHTV, adding, “I just feel that no one’s above the law, and you know, if it was me, I would’ve gotten a ticket.

Martin continued, “As a chief of police, and as a law enforcement officer, you’re sworn to protect and serve, which is the opposite of putting the lives of others at risk.

However, Randle feels differently and claimed that after nearly three decades in law enforcement, he knows better than to put others at risk with dangerous driving.


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