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Police In Haiti Clash With Protesters Over Vote Fraud Allegations


Police In Haiti Clash With Protesters Over Vote Fraud Allegations
Haiti is currently under foreign occupation

AFRICANGLOBE – Police in Haiti have clashed with demonstrators who took to the streets in Port-au-Prince to protest against alleged vote-rigging in the country’s recent presidential election.

Dozens of protesters held the demonstration in the capital on Tuesday, chanting slogans and carrying placards.

“We’re sending this message to the president, it’s us who voted for him to be president, now we are tired of him. That’s why we are taking to the street to get the result that should reflect our votes,” said one of the demonstrators.

Police forces fired tear gas to disperse the demonstrators and made a number of arrests.

Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council said on Tuesday that preliminary results from last month’s first-round presidential election would be announced on Thursday.

The council had earlier said the top two candidates in the October 25 election would be declared on Tuesday.

The delay is meant to give authorities additional time to deal with complaints of fraud submitted by different quarters over the past several days.

They have received a total of 162 complaints, out of which 43 have been assessed as admissible and forwarded to a tabulation center.

According to international observers, the election was held in a peaceful fashion and relatively smoothly. However, some political factions have alleged that ballots have gone missing.

Haiti is expected to hold the presidential runoff on December 27.

The poll comes almost five years after President Michel Martelly took office in the poorest country in the Americas.

Haiti got rid of the 30-year Duvalier dictatorship in 1986 but has not been able to find democratic stability since then.

The country’s next leader has to face huge challenges and a humanitarian emergency as six out of Haiti’s population of 10 million live in extreme poverty and live on less than 2.50 dollars a day.


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