Police Officer Shot Possible Sniper On The Loose

Police Officer Shot; Possible Sniper On The Loose
It wouldn’t be the first time that American cops are targeted by a sniper.

AFRICANGLOBE – People in Southern California are on high alert after a possible sniper shot a  police officer in the chest yesterday. Over the past seven days, several officers have been shot across the country from California to Philadelphia. Althouh the shootings were not fatal they occurred during traffic stops and standoffs.

According to CNN, a deputy was wounded Wednesday when a possible sniper took aim at the Lancaster station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, authorities said.

The bullet came from a four-story building and hit the deputy in the chest while he was in the parking lot, Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris said. The deputy was wearing a bulletproof vest, which saved his life by deflecting the bullet into his shoulder, the deputy was transported to a local hospital.
“As the mayor of Lancaster, I can’t begin to tell people how sorry I am that we now live in a city where this occurs,” he said. “It shakes the core of everything we have.”