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The Political Dream – The Gantt Report


The Political Dream - The Gantt Report
Black voters are constantly taken for granted by both Democrats and Republicans

AFRICANGLOBE – Every election year African Americans find themselves in political dreamland!

We dream about blue-eyed politicians that will be our political saviors that can lead us to the political promised land!

We dream about when Democrats and Republicans will show that they will love us the way that too many Black people love them.

We dream about how our votes cast at American ballot boxes will get us more and better jobs, more government contract opportunities along with equal employment, affirmative action and government supplier diversity.

We dream about voting for politicians that will assure us that when our children leave home to go to the corner market they won’t come home in a body bag, when they walk across the street they won’t be gunned down by a trigger happy policeman that prowls around Black neighborhoods looking for some unarmed Black person to shoot. We dream about pulling into a service station with our cd player playing and not be shot multiple times by a closet klansman that claims “Black music” made him fear for his life!

We dream about politicians that will not take contributions from Black Americans and give our money to political skin heads and neo-nazis masquerading as high paid political experts that wouldn’t know a winning political strategy if they saw one.

We dream about good politicians that would never show up at our schools and churches skinning and grinning with Black preachers that are not even registered to vote and Black college seniors that have never voted in their lives.

We dream about politicians that will see the political value in advertising in Black media outlets at the same time billions of dollars are being spent with the imperialist press companies.

We dream about the day when Black ad agencies can place ads in White media just like modern day political overseers throw some last minute crumbs at Black-owned media companies.

We dream about the election time when state Democratic Black Caucuses and Republican Black Councils get true respect and appropriate financial support from white political decision makers.

We dream about the day when politicians realize that Black people can do professional political consulting, professional political polling, professional political printing, professional political catering, professional direct mailing and professional robo-calling design and implementation.

And, we dream about and pray for the day when Black Americans will be considered as the election deciders that they really are instead of being looked at political liabilities and election day criminals that commit imaginary voting booth fraud that necessitates voting restrictions for non-White voters.

Finally, we dream about voting for a politician that will talk about Black political issues, that will discuss legislation that interests Black citizens and a politician that will refrain from using political lies, false promises and fake symbolic gestures to convince Black people that a political wolf is better than a political fox!

The Gantt Report says wake up Black people your political fantasy will soon be over. Stop loving political satan and begin to love God, love yourselves, love your neighbors and realize that the Black community political Heaven is within the Black community!

Your political dreams have always turned into political nightmares!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net


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