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Political Poverty Pimps – The Gantt Report


Political Poverty Pimps - The Gantt Report
Pastors have become the biggest poverty pimps in the Black community.

AFRICANGLOBE – Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!

The races for the 2016 elections began years ago as soon as Barack Obama was elected to his second term as President of the United States.

Fakes, charlatans and political goofballs raced to every candidate seeking a political office and proclaimed themselves as political experts!

No matter where you live in this nation of opportunity and opportunists, one or more dark skinned citizens are racing to convince political devils of all political persuasions that they can deliver enough Black votes to propel any candidate into the office that the candidate wants.

The chosen political campaign pretenders are not graduates of Black college Journalism schools, they are not statisticians, they are not the best and brightest graphic artists, opponent researchers, printers or strategists.

They are merely the very best political beggars!

They have little or no political or media experience. They have no extensive and successful political track records and they have no serious following in America’s African American communities.

But they do have a gift of gab! They can articulate in the best King’s English as to why they should be hired by candidates and how easily they can be controlled by the politician that will pay them.

Sometimes, that charlatan talk is not enough. The Black bootleg political consultants can convince every candidate that will listen that they love the major political parties, they admire and cherish white candidates and they, and only they, can beat back Black community activists who tell candidates that Black Lives Matter, equal rights and justice is paramount and that issues of importance to Black people and Black communities should be focused on and not just placed on the political back burner!

You see, candidates don’t hire any white political vendors or consultants that pop up in a campaign office and say, “hire me, I’m the best”.  They interview multiple political firms that provide the services they desire, they make contact with a variety of political companies that have worked on many local, statewide and national political efforts and they put the greatest value on hiring campaign staffers that have a history of winning elections for political candidates.

The white political professionals hired by candidates can put their whole team on the payroll. However, the Toms, Sambos and Jezebels selected to work for candidates can’t hire anybody because they aren’t given any political power and they can’t make political purchasing decisions.

They can give a Black voter a ride to the polls, they can pass out an absentee ballot, they can paste a flyer on the hood of a Black person’s car and, if they are lucky, they might be allowed to do a voice over on a symbolic radio ad played on the urban radio station!

These modern day political poverty pimps don’t make millions of dollars during the campaigns they work on. They are happy to get a political photo they can post on Facebook or Instagram, a piece of chicken at the political reception or a handshake from a political loser every now and then!

I would think the media consultant for Jeb Bush’s failed campaign for President got paid more money than all of the Black political pretenders hired by all of the 2016 Presidential candidates combined!

Now, I’m not hating, I admire the brothers and sisters trying to hustle in the world of political campaigns. If they ask me for help or advice I give it to them.

But when they ask me to volunteer to help any candidate of any political party, I tell them, “Hell naw!”

I will never volunteer to help any candidate, Black or white, that wants Black professionals to work for free when every white political professional gets paid, and if you don’t know, mostly over paid!

I wish all of the candidates that hired Chicken George or Aunt Jemima well but I’ll tell you now, months before the general election, that Black voter turnout will be dismal and far, far lower than what President Obama turned out and less than what candidates would get if they spent the money to hire the best educated and trained and the most experienced Black political professionals that were available to generate votes for serious candidates!

In politics and in life, you get what you pay for at election time in capitalist countries like the USA.


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net


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