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Political Service And Political Trust - The Gantt Report
Joe Biden recently announced that he will be running for president.

AFRICANGLOBE – Many American registered voters are super excited about the long list of Democratic and Republican candidates that are seeking to become the 46th President of the United States.

At least two or three Republicans and over twenty Democrats will be asking you for your love, support, campaign contributions and your votes constantly until the primary and general election days are upon us.

The candidates for President and candidates for every other elected office will be telling you in person and via political advertising about how your government and your life will be so much better with them as your public servants.

Well, on major issues like health care, education, taxes, tort reform, infrastructure, judicial reform, equal rights, immigration, foreign affairs and so forth, opposing political sides never win and they never lose!

Why? Because lobbyists and others that influence politics and elections know they will be without high paying contracts and lobbying jobs if major issues are resolved by a true and good relationship of all elected officials to do the right thing.

So, even if legislation is passed that gives each side of an issue a tiny bit of what they want, the lobbyists can go back to the unions, the bankers, the insurers, the builders, the educators, the doctors, the hospitals, liberals, conservatives, Blacks, Latinos, whites and other interest groups and say, “Just pay me a little more money and I’ll fight harder next legislative session and I’ll definitely get you what you want!”

Instead of running to candidates that promise you a pot of political gold at the end of the legislative rainbow, what the people need are political candidates and political representatives that will tell American residents and voters the truth!

I have friends that will be running for office in upcoming elections and I will help them. As a political professional, I am reluctant to endorse candidates, on any level, unless I really, really, really know who they are and how they may perform and produce if or when they are elected.

More importantly, history is the best teacher. If a person lies before he or she runs for office, they will continue to lie after an election. If a candidate doesn’t have a diverse campaign staff before Election Day, they won’t have a diverse political staff after Election Day. And, if a candidate thinks you are incompetent, inferior, unqualified, undesirable and unworthy before votes are cast, he or she will feel the same way after votes are tabulated!

If you read the news at all, you probably know that political performance is tricky and in many ways questionable and in extreme cases, corrupt.

If you want to run for office, please do. Politicians are supposed to be public servants that are paid by the tax dollars collected from the people and businesses they represent.

There are good people that will choose to run for elected office. It will behoove all voters to know who they are voting for and to, as the Bible says, separate the wheat from the tare!

Almost every candidate will suggest that they are your supporter, your benefactor, your protector, your provider and your political friend.

If you don’t know which candidates you can trust, trust the non-politicians that you do know that are brave enough to tell the people the truth about elections and governing!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net


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