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Political Zombies - The Gantt Report
James Clyburn does not support reparations for Black people in America but supports funding Israel with Black tax money.

AFRICANGLOBE – One of my favorite songs of all times is a tune written, produced and performed by the late King of Afrobeat, Fela Kuti, called “Zombie”!

There have been plenty of movies and TV shows like “The Living Dead” that attempt to portray zombies that haunt and terrorize people.

But Fela’s zombies in his music are political zombies that have lost their minds via bowing down and sucking up to unworthy and undesirable public servants.

Fela’s song was once banned in his native country of Nigeria and as far as I know it is still banned.

The song can be found on YouTube or other internet sites but I was fortunate to get the Zombie album and it has been, to me, a musical treasure.

I listen to the song on a regular basis and played it so much that two of my children know the song lyrics by heart.

The song is not a new song but the message in the music is current and discusses current political activities.

You see, most current public office holders oftentimes act like zombies. Their political promises, their political proposals and their political plans they articulated during their election campaigns died as soon as they were sworn into office!

And then, political zombies take on the characteristics of movie zombies and television zombies. The dead becomes something totally different, the dead public officials with the dead political promises become the undead!

Health proposals become dead, infrastructure proposals become dead, plans to end wars become dead, plans to create jobs become dead and so on.

So what happens to the modern day political zombies, they like the theatrical zombies and they become undead!

Once they are elected, they cease to work for the voters that elected them and begin to take orders from political parties, from campaign contributors and even from Presidents that are controlled or compromised by America’s foremost political enemies!

According to Fela, “Zombies no go unless you tell him to go, zombies no come unless you tell him to come”.

Political zombies think everybody on Capitol Hill is more important than the voters in their political districts.

A political voter can’t see a political zombie, a political voter can’t meet with a political zombie, a political voter can’t get a political ad or a political contract from a political zombie and a political voter can’t even smell a political zombie unless he’s cooking fish and chicken at the last political rally the weekend before the election!

Well, if the politician you love looks like a political zombie, walks like a political zombie and talks like a political zombie, chances are he, or she, is a political zombie.

The only way to cure a political zombie and break the spell put on him by the Political Zombie in Chief is to vote the damn zombie out of office!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net

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