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The Politicians And The People You Love – The Gantt Report


The Politicians And The People You Love - The Gantt Report
Lucius Gantt dedicated his life to informing and defending Black peoples around the word and for that we are eternally grateful

AFRICANGLOBE – I currently own two businesses, All World Consultants and All World Commodities, and a house in Florida.

There is a slight reference to Florida in what I’m going to write about I this column but what I am communicating about happens everywhere in the world.

Now is the time when people in Florida are talking more and more about politics. While Black people, as always, it seems, are running for their lives many current and aspiring politicians have decided on running for elected office.

So, which politician or political candidate do you love? Is it Jeb Bush or is it Hillary Clinton? Is it one national, state or local political candidate or is it another?

The more important question is does the political candidate that you love also love you in return?

Well, these days it has been no secret that African American voters have more love for Democratic politicians and candidates than they have for anybody else seeking election to public office.

But, to me, there is a problem. No matter how many Black votes we cast, no matter how many contributions we give, no matter how much we volunteer, no matter how many brochures and leaflets we pass out or put on cars, no matter how many free ads we publish and no matter how many signs we put in our yards and businesses for the candidates that we love, what we do is still not enough to satisfy that candidates that get our support!

You see, despite what we give, most candidates ignore the votes, wants and needs of the Black community and seek to generate support from other voters, like The Tea Party members, and other communities that prefer different candidates than we do.

In the Biblical book of Luke there is a story about a wealthy father that could buy anything that could be bought in the Biblical days. If he wanted a cow, he could buy a cow. If he wanted a farm, he could buy a farm. If he wanted servants, he could afford servants.

Even though his children had access to everything that their father had, one son wanted more! He couldn’t wait on his inheritance He wanted his own money and so on and so forth right now so the father gave it to him. After the son got paid, so to speak, he left the town where he was and went to a place where he thought the “big dogs” were. He was spending money like you don’t know what but a famine came that destroyed the community economy and left him with practically nothing. Times got so bad that one day when he was feeding the pigs and the hogs some slop and he thought to himself, “even the swine are eating better than me”! Read your Bible to find out what eventually happened but I’m going to move on.

I’m going to compare the love with politicians to the love we have for the men or women in our lives.

Sometimes our love for politicians is not enough for the candidates and it’s the same for the men or women that we have love for.

Even though you love that man or woman, respect them, help them, are loyal to them, faithful to them, listen to them, value them, buy them anything they want, take them to any exotic or romantic place they want to go or even put a ring on it, just like in the political case, whatever you do is not enough.

They will want to talk to someone other than you, sleep with someone other than you or be with someone other than you.

No matter how much green money you have some politicians and some people always think the grass is or can be greener on the other side! But what they don’t realize is once they get to the other side, the grass they thought was greener is nothing but weeds! Weeds and grass are both green so you have to sometimes look closer to tell the difference.

Sometimes the politician and the women or men in your life that you think love you as much as you love them are only in love with themselves!

Once they feel they can’t tell you what to do, how to behave or how to think, they make plans to run away from the issues and interests of the Black community, or to run away from you!

When they run, they want to keep your votes, keep your money, keep your support and keep your loyalty. In personal relations, they may even want to keep your children away from you and take them to the place or person they run to.

At the end of the day, still on a personal note, it’s obvious what should be done. If that woman does not appreciate you, find a woman that does. If that man won’t respect your opinion or value your input, find a man that does. If the man or woman you love refuses to speak up, stand up, rise up and step up to a higher level to make your marriage or relationship better and chooses go down, to bow down, lay down and step down to a lower life, a lesser man or woman and an inferior relation that they feel more comfortable in, let that man or woman be what they are, be what they want to be.

Well, speaking only for myself, when a politician runs away from the issues I like and the legislation I like and when a woman I care about decides to run away to another man, I tell both of them to keep running and don’t look back!

When some politicians think Black votes are trash, there are others that may think Black votes are a treasure.

And in a personal relationship, the person that thinks a good person like  you is trash, they have to understand another man or woman is rusting through their relationship garbage can right now looking for that man or woman that your former partner didn’t want!

Love the politicians and the people that love you!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net


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