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President Obama Grows Leads in Top Three Swing States

President Obama
President Obama

President Obama’s bump has made its way into three key swing states, according to new polling from Marist College, NBC News and the Wall Street Journal.

The new Marist polls show Obama leading Mitt Romney by five points each in Florida and Virginia and by seven points in Ohio.

Obama’s margin in all three states is larger than it has been in other recent polling and suggests the Democratic National Convention paid dividends for the president in the states where it matters most. National polling has suggested a small but significant Obama bounce, but there has been limited polling in swing states since the convention ended a week ago.

President Obama leads 50 percent to 43 percent in Ohio and 49 percent to 44 percent in both Florida and Virginia.

If Obama were to carry even two of these three states — which are the biggest swing states on the map — Romney’s path to victory would be very difficult. These states provide 60 of the 95 electoral votes available in the eight states rated as toss-ups by The Fix.

According to a Fix analysis Wednesday, if the other states go as expected, Obama only needs to win 33 of those 95 electoral votes.

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