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Prosecutors in Trayvon Martin Shooting Leak Defense List

George Zimmerman
Zimmerman claimed Trayvon attacked him

Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda in the Trayvon Martin Shooting case, in which George Zimmerman is being charged with second-degree murder of the teenager, has leaked the names of the witness. Whether this was an intentional move or accident remains unclear.

Earlier this month, Mark O’Mara, defense attorney to Zimmerman, said that his witness would be given numbers as identities. O’Mara will submitted a list of witness to Judge Debra Nelson, while keeping their names unknown.

According to an article in a Florida newspaper, Rionda filed a summary sheet, which is open to the public, on November 8 at the Seminole County Court. The summary has a list of a number of witnesses.

Whether Judge Nelson will take any action against the prosecutor is yet unclear.

In October, O’Mara presented a list of police involved in the investigation of the murder of Trayvon Martin as well as his client’s arrest at the trial.

The police usually provide testimonies for the state. But according to The Hispanic Business, O’Mara will be using this unusual strategy in defending his client who is being charged with second-degree murder of 17-year-old Martin.

The defense claims to currently have between 50-70 witnesses. Zimmerman’s legal team submitted a request to delay the trial, which is been set for June 10. O’Mara states that the defense needs additional time to prepare for the case.

Zimmerman was arrested in February for the killing of the 17-year-old, Zimmerman who was armed shot Martin after claiming that he was attacked by the teenager and fired in an act of self-defense. The 28-year-old Zimmerman has maintained the claim to self-defense from the beginning of the case.

In July, the Florida judge set Zimmerman’s bail for $1 million, after previously revoking a $150,000 bond, for misleading the court about his finances.

He has been released from jail on bond, but under strict conditions including a round the clock GPS monitoring system.

Court hearing for trial has been set for June 10.

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