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Protesters Demand Justice for Sammie Davis Jr. Shot In the Chest by Rogue Officer

Sammie Davis Jr Shooting
Protester call for the arrest of the officer who shot and killed Sammie Davis Jr.

AFRICANGLOBE – Dozens of demonstrators descended on Macon City Hall in Georgia just before Mayor Reichert’s state of the city address, outraged at what they call a lack of leadership in the case where a police officer shot and killed unarmed Sammie Davis Jr. outside a Kroger supermarket. This was the second protest in a month, calling for justice for Sammie Davis, Jr.

“This is not 1954, where it takes reports that long to come back,” says Faye Alexander.

“Why Mr. Mayor and Mr. Burns have you not addressed this city personally, either on radio or on video or on the news?” says Irving Martinez, a Macon resident and former candidate for State Senate.

It’s been more than a month since Macon police officer Clayton Sutton shot and killed Sammie Davis Jr. outside the Kroger supermarket on Pio Nono Avenue. Sutton has been on administrative leave since then while the city does an internal investigation with the GBI into what happened–anger has been growing as more time passes with few answers.

“Officer Clayton Sutton has been off now on administrative leave about six weeks, and he’s roughly made so far about $4,500 sitting at home,” says Macon resident Anthony Harris.

Sutton has a record of trouble with the department, leading many to question why he was still employed.

“With four or more complaints, this man should have been out. So, there’s a conspiracy,” Alexander cried.

“I want my money did right, OK, I want him fired!” says Kimberly Patrick. “I want Officer Sutton fired, OK I do not want my tax bill paying for nobody who’s running around killing people for no reason.”

Details still are scarce about the circumstances surrounding the murder of Sammie Davis Jr’s death. Some of the protestors also blamed the local media, saying they have not covered this story sufficiently. After contacting Macon police for further details, we were told the GBI’s investigation should be wrapping up in mid-February.


By; Andrew Reeser

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