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Racist Barbarians Attack Black Man On Glasgow Street



Racist Barbarians Attack Black Man On Glasgow Street
Barbarians assault innocent man in Glasglow

AFRICANGLOBE – This is the shameful video that shows a gang of thugs hurling racist abuse at a Black man in Glasgow City Centre before hitting and pulling him to the ground.

The group, led by two teenage girls, call him a “Black b******” and tell him: “Get back to your own country, don’t try to steal ours”.

It was posted on Facebook last night and takes place in the city’s Jamaica Street, outside McDonald’s.

People queuing to get into the nearby Classic Grand venue stand and watch as the man – who looks to be in his late 20s – is abused while standing innocently waiting for a bus.

The ringleader first spits on him as she’s egged on by the rest of the group who film it on their mobile phones.

Some laughed and posed in front of the camera when they realised it was being filmed.

The Black man holds his hands up as if to show his innocence before another girl runs towards him followed by the ringleader.

Both hit him and drag him to the ground in front of the nightclub queue as a man in the background shouts: “F****** stamp on his head.”

The video has been passed onto Police Scotland.

Do you know the man being attacked or any of the savages carrying it out? If so, get in touch with the Record news team on 0141 309 3251.

The sickening scenes comes just a few months after hundreds of TV viewers were shocked by a clip of a street busker known as Melo being racially abused in Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street.

The busker, who has since left the city, was approached late at night by Francis Muir and a friend who called him a “Black b******” in scenes broadcast in BBC documentary The Street.

Muir continued the verbal assault saying: “What about the f****** British or the homeless? You are taking the f****** p***. You are milking our country for thousands, ya f****** Black b******.”

The same month Glasgow MSP Humza Yousaf was racially abused as he sold the Big Issue in the city centre.

Mr. Yousaf was taking part in International Street Paper Vendor Week to raise awareness about homelessness but was told by one passer-by he wouldn’t buy a Big Issue because he’s “not from my country”. The confrontation was caught on camera.


By: Craig Robertson


See Video Here


Racists In Scotland (Glasgow) Attack Black Busker For No Reason


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