Racist Stripper: “I’m Not A Racist, I Have A Black Cousin”


Racist Stripper Curses Out Black Man For Starting His Own Car
Kudos to the Black guy for having the restraint to not body slam this piece of trash

AFRICANGLOBE – The racist stripper caught on video screaming “n*gger” at a Black driver in a Western New York parking lot told her side of the story on the radio this morning. You can go ahead and fill in the “I’m not a racist” square on your Racism Bingo card.

Janelle Ambrosia claims that before the video started rolling, the man who filmed her shouting “you’re a nasty f*cking n*gger” almost hit her son with his car and called her “I don’t know what he called me … a crackheaded cracker.” She failed to mention that part of the story to her husband in the conversation we see on the video, instead saying he scared her kids by starting his car.

Before WBLK host Big Rob could even ask the question, she jumped in with “I’m not a racist. I have a Black cousin.”

Explaining how the term “n*gger” entered the equation, she said, “N*gger means an ignorant person, it has nothing to do with race. He p*ssed me off, I’m bipolar.”

She said she doesn’t have anything against Black people, but when asked what she would say to the driver now, she sarcastically replied:

“Am I supposed to apologize? Oh yeah, I’ll apologize for him almost hitting my kid and me losing my temper.”

On top of everything else that is terrible about this bottomlessly terrible mixture of racism, mental illness, and YouTube, things just got even more complicated for the children caught in the middle of it. Janelle says her ex has seen the video of her rant and wants to take custody of the kids.


By: Jay Hathaway




Racist Stripper Curses Out Black Man For Starting His Own Car 



  1. People have accused me of being racist (even though by definition oppressed people can never qualify as such) because all of my work and associations are for with Afrikans and Indigenous people. But, how could I be racist when I have a cousin who is (passing for) WHITE??

  2. Sooooo you say you have black cousin?! What is your excuse for not having any class! There is a rock with your name on it, find it and move under it..

  3. Fuck her and that’s w ha t she gets she’s a racist and she know it now she want to cry shut your ass up and deal with it next time watch. Your mouth