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Racists Call For The Murder Of Blacks After Fox Reporter Makes Hit Piece On Protesters


AFRICANGLOBE – Emotions around the nation are raw due to the rash of violence that we have experienced in the past week. First, there were back to back murders of Black men at the hands of police, first Alton Sterling in Louisiana, and then Philando Castile in Minnesota. Of course, the world is watching in both cases. To top it all off, an individual with military training and an ax to grind decided to target police during a peaceful protest in Dallas, Texas. Therefore, it is important that visitors to these tense areas treat the situation with sensitivity. However, that doesn’t seem to be the order of the day for one Fox reporter.

A video was taken of a protest in St. Paul, Minnesota, where it seems a Fox reporter is attempting to bait protesters. The video is little more than a hit piece, with a reporter who clearly does not care about the protesters or why they are there. Understandably, the protesters tell the reporter to leave, but he refuses. The confrontation becomes more and more heated as he shoves the microphone into the protester’s face. Here is the footage.Racists Call For The Murder Of Blacks After Fox Reporter Makes Hit Piece On ProtestersAs if that weren’t bad enough, particularly the fact that the video is clearly cut to be a total hit piece, the comments are even worse. Many even call for the deaths of Black people. Again, these images are NSFW and contain offensive language.

This is beyond despicable. These people are testament to just how racist the opposition to #BlackLivesMatter really is. These are people who are literally protesting for lost lives, and here these imbeciles are calling for more deaths. We have a lot of work to do when it comes to racism in America, no matter how much so-called “evidence” there is from the right wing that racism is over.


By: Shannon Barber


(WARNING: NSFW Language): Fox Reporter Baits protesters

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