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Ralph Northam’s Blackface Politics – The Gantt Report


Ralph Northam's Blackface Politics - The Gantt Report
Democratic Governor Ralph Northam is a member of the supposedly liberal wing of white supremacy.

AFRICANGLOBE – The uproar over 1984 medical school yearbook photos on a page belonging to Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Northam doesn’t surprise me at all.

Go to Facebook, InstaGram Black-Page or any other white social media web site and you’ll see a long list of reactionary Uncle Toms, Jezebels and fake friends ranting and raving about what a bad thing the recently elected Virginia Governor had done when he posted pictures of white people in blackface and ku Klux klan costumes on his yearbook page.

The NAACP, and other organizations that claim to speak for America’s hurt, humiliated  and troubled Black masses, has called for the Governor to resign from office!

Well, if ineffective, out of date and politically unconscious Negro organizations and their recalcitrant leadership really opposed all biased, bigoted and racist public servants holding governmental offices and positions and asked those politicians to resign from their positions, there wouldn’t be  a closet klansman, neo-nazi or bigot in office anywhere in the United States!

All my life I’ve tried to inform readers of The Gantt Report about ideas, issues and actions that Black people face in America and around the world.

In today’s column, I’ll break down the facts about racism in politics so everyone can judge Ralph Northam in the proper context.

The so called friends, supporters and benefactors of African Americans have historically allowed Black people to be upset and express concerns about despicable acts allegedly perpetrated on them by political office holders.

However, they only want Blacks to discuss their outrage and protests in ways that are acceptable to the exploiters and oppressors of Black people.

But, eventually a messenger will come to make people truly aware of what is happening. Someone will eventually tell the truth about events in society and the messengers don’t give a damn whether the elected officials, news media and other folk like the message of truth or not!

Follow me, okay?

More and more Black “political commentators” are appearing on a variety of cable and network news affiliates to talk about race and politics.

Ralph Northam's Blackface Politics - The Gantt Report
Ralph Northam’s year book.

The commentators will pretty much suggest, or agree, that President Donald Trump’s imperialist, conservative, nationalist and biased base make up about 30% to 40% America’s citizenry because polls say that percentage reflects  firmly ultra conservatives that support conservative politicians.

I say, if polls say 30% of Americans compose the “bigoted fringe” of American politics, the true number of Americans that have racial episodes in the histories is well over 50%.

The lower percentage merely reflect the percentage of Americans that fear a Black planet, Blacks must be kept down and good hearted whites must be kept confused about what founders of America meant when they wrote that all men are created equal!

Black people in America must understand that Ralph Northam is not the exception, he is the rule!

Many of your neighbors have racist skeletons in the closets. Your classmates, your teammates, your coworkers, your shop keepers, your law enforcers, your doctors, lawyers and especially your elected officials have been taught by their families and ancestors that it is OK to treat Black people any way they want to.

You can be ridiculed, taunted, terrorized and constantly made fun of.

Just don’t get caught and exposed like the Virginia Governor was caught!

The networks know the Negroes they are putting on your TV screens better than you know them. For the most part, all of the Black and white commentators are saying the same things about Ralph Northam. They are making you think his poor judgment as a student was a youthful mistake, an aberration or a clumsy, terrible error.

No, it wasn’t! People that give the garbage man a cup of tap water, allow the maid to eat a chicken wing at the Thanksgiving dinner table or profess their love, and hate, for Michael Jackson are essentially like Ralph Northam. So, don’t let your news commentators suggest that shoe polish faces and sheet wearers on college campuses are just an isolated event!

Some of the politicians you love have no love for you!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net

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