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Raven Symone Really Wanted To Say That She Wasn’t Black!


You see, we as Black people  didn’t start the label game and we shouldn’t be the ones who bear the weight of having to patch this mess up.

It baffles my mind when I see the overwhelming silence transpire in a racist country like the United States of America when we are getting slaughtered wholesale in this emerging police state but yet when a “colored” ( I don’t want to scare any of the apologists away by saying African-American or the even more frightening term Black!) person who is high profile with great fame wants to say that they are colorless, the masses of “others” stand up to applaud and echo her sentiments.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am proud of my so called label which at the core is BLACK!

So see, “Blackness” is bigger than nationality. Blackness is bigger than a geographical area. Blackness cuts across narrow container and if I had a choice of who I could return as if I had another life after this one one this level…….it would be to return as a Black man!

So for all of the hardships, discrimination, murder, redlining, illegal hiring practices, Jim Crow laws, slanted legislation, mass media brainwashing, rape as well as the outright hate that one who looks like me must endure, I STILL love who and what I am and will NEVER deny it because this is the way GOD ALMIGHTY made me and I am alright with Him because of it!

So if I may ask all those who refuse to see color…….if seeing color is so wrong, then why did our God create it?

If being an African American is so disgusting, then that means that Raven is suggesting that all Italian-Americans or Japanese-Americans or Irish-Americans should not want their “labels” either!

…….and after all that the Japanese went through here in America I’ve NEVER heard anyone of their younger generation who were born on American soil state that they are not a Japanese-American!

What I’m getting at the people who are of various races embrace and enjoy their individual and mixed cultures, so why shouldn’t we?

Other races embrace and love who they are and their unique trajectory through history but Black folks seem to be the only race of people by far who try their best to be everything else other than themselves and minimize any semblance of Black ethnicity that is OH SO OBVIOUS!

So to say that she is not African-American is a veiled way of saying that she is not Black!

I’m not speaking out of a spirit of hate toward anyone but to many times we shy away from getting down to the nitty-gritty up front and personal and only have the balls to whisper around “the water cooler!”

So I LOVE to explore the cultures that other races and ethnicity’s have developed, it’s a beautiful thing and as we all dwell under the umbrella of the human family “label”, we must understand that God Himself MADE COLOR and race for a reason because it would get pretty damn boring down here on this earth if we were all the same!

So SEE color! But also SEE the God in your Brother or Sister who may be of another race, religion, culture etc.

To wrap it up, I believe that Raven Symone grew up isolated from the world that the common man and woman must walk, but at the same time as she got older I believe that she wanted to remain oblivious to the world outside of her sheltered existence because it appeared to be too daunting a task to handle.

So she chooses to stick her head in the sand and as in all things Disney, stay away from all things controversial!

I guess she was taught well because it’s better business wise for the bottom line.

By: Lance Scurvin

 Please Remember That Raven Symone Is Not Black When She Is Given The Daniele Watts Treatment

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