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The Ray Rice Saga: Blame The Elevators



The Ray Rice Drama: Blame The Elevators
Compare the treatment received by Ray Roce to that of Solange Knowles

AFRICANGLOBE – Don’t blame it on the medical marijuana; blame it on the alcohol and the elevators!

The latest uproar about domestic violence was escalated when a video surfaced that showed a National Football League player Ray Rice deliver a punch to his current wife on an elevator that knocked her unconscious!

Most people commenting on the elevator punch are talking about how terrible it is for a man to strike a woman. But The Gantt Report says it is bad for anybody to hit anybody!

Let me tell you about my some of my experiences with domestic violence. Well, as a child, I saw my mother and father put their hands on each other. As a teen, I saw men put their hands on my older sister. As a young adult, under the influence of alcohol, I wrongfully assaulted a girl friend.

Now, that was the last time in my life that I wrongfully touched a woman unless the touching, so to speak, was in self defense. I have looked for my former girl friend for 40 years to apologize to her and to tell her how wrong I was and how sorry I was.

Not too long after my terrible behavior I learned that a man doesn’t have to hit a woman. If he wants to hurt her all he has to do is walk away. All he has to do is leave. A woman close to you really knows what buttons to push! And you know what to do to tick her off.

A mad woman will not stop talking, she will not stop arguing and she will bring up things you did years ago to try to prove her point. Just leave! Come back when everyone has calmed down. Listen to her and talk to her and, hopefully, work things out.

Here’s is where The Gantt Report differs from the domestic violence “Johnny come lately(s)”.

I believe in fairness and I believe in justice. We are all guilty of doing less than we should with regard to domestic violence. To only bash men is biased, discriminatory and far from the truth about the American world of domestic problems.

I’m smart enough to know the Cuban Business Association will speak positively about Latin entrepreneurs. I know the United Negro College Fund will always compliment historically Black colleges and universities. I know the Black Panther Party and the Ku Klux Klan will have good words to say about Black people and White people. And, I know The National Organization for Women (NOW) will always take up for women!

That’s cool but NOW should do the right thing and tell the truth! You see, NOW promotes fairness and equal opportunity in the work place, they encourage equal opportunity in the market place, they want equal rights in regard to salaries, promotions, education, athletics and in many other areas. But in domestic violence, it seems only men should be arrested, prosecuted and sentenced to the full extent of the law!

I don’t know a man my age that hasn’t been punched, hit, slapped, scratched or bitten by a woman at some time or another but don’t expect NOW to say anything about that.

Women have cut off genitals, poured hot grits on naked men and, guess what, they have even kicked and punched men in elevators. However, no one is saying that women that do violent things to men should be terminated from their jobs, forfeit their careers and be permanently dismissed from the only professions they have ever known!

Hmmm? Men and women should have equal rights, equal pay and equal opportunity but jail time or job loss is a different thing.

No one suggests Solange Knowles should lose her recording contracts because she kicked Jay-Z in an elevator. I want women to have equal rights, equally good or equally bad! If the treatment is right that the football player got, the same treatment should be applicable when women attack and assault men.

Forgive me readers, I’m just saying! When there is domestic violence on an elevator, the perpetrator should go to jail if they are a male or a female!

One more thing, Black people learned about spanking their children from slave masters and overseers who committed domestic violence every day by beating, whipping and spanking slaves. When I was a child any adult in my neighborhood could spank me if I misbehaved! Teachers could paddle me if I acted up in school. Now, if you pop a child on his leg for being bad you can go to jail.

What’s up with that?


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net



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