Reduction in Cholera Cases in Haiti

A U.S.-based health group in Haiti says it saw a huge drop in the number of patients seeking treatment for cholera in the Caribbean country.

Partners in Health says the number of hospitalizations fell by 57 per cent at its 15 cholera treatment centres from July to August. The drop mirrors the caseload doctors saw before the spring rainy season.

But the group was still concerned about cholera. Partners in Health said the 5,400 hospitalizations in August are a reminder that cholera will be in Haiti for the foreseeable future.

The findings were released Monday.

Haiti’s Health Ministry says cholera has killed more than 6,200 people and sickened almost 440,000 others. A U.N. battalion from Nepal has been blamed for introducing the disease to Haiti.

The disease began to spread rapidly among the Haitian people earlier this year after U.N. peacekeepers who were infected with the sickness were found to have been dumping their feces in rivers that were used for recreation and washing by local people.

Initially the U.N. denied the accusations that its soldiers were responsible but for the outbreak but was forced to changed their stance when scientific evidence backed up the suspicions of the Haitian people. Thousands have died since the outbreak began.