Should You Rent or Buy Your Tuxedo

Should You Rent or Buy Your Tuxedo

Is it better to spend $ 100 bucks on a rental or $ 500 on something you can wear multiple times? If you are invited to a black tie event than wearing a tux is a must. If you currently don’t own a tuxedo than you have two options rent one or spend a little extra and buy your own. This brief article will help you decide what is better for your situation: Buy or Rent your tux.

How Often You Wear Your Tux

If black tie events will be a more frequent occurrence for you in the future, that buying a tuxedo is most likely the better option. Renting a complete tuxedo consisting of tuxedo shirt, black bow tie, tuxedo shoes, cummerbund or vest, and the tuxedo itself, will usually cost between $ 80 and $ 120. Buying a quality set made from fine wool will range between $ 400 and $ 600. Keep in mind that classic tuxedo’s will never go out of style. It is very traditional attire that has been around for more than two centuries. So if you plan on attending a black tie event more than 5 times in the next few years than buying a new tuxedo will be the way to go.

Upcoming Lifestyle Changes

Besides frequency of use, your lifestyle has some impact on the buy vs. rent decision. If you know that you might be moving quite frequently due to your job or family, then minimizing your wardrobe will make moving much easier. Also think about how much closet space you have available. If you are living in a small New York studio, then adding an entire new outfit to your wardrobe might be unpractical. The tuxedo should be hung in a somewhat ventilated area to protect the fabric and lining. Stuffing it into a duffel bag is not an option.

Planning on Losing Weight?

Think about if you will keep the same body type. If you are currently over weight and have set the goal to yourself to lose 20 pounds, then wait to buy your tuxedo until you have accomplished your goal. Having spent a good amount of money on your new outfit might be a nice additional motivation to keep the pounds off once lost.

Other Advantages of Renting

If you are looking to spend the least amount of time to get a fitting tuxedo for an event, than the rental is your best option. Simply do a local search for tuxedo rental places and call to see if your size is available. If you don’t know your size, check the label in one of your suit jackets. If the rental place isn’t too busy, chances are that any minor alterations, such as hemming your trousers to the right length, can be done on the spot.

Other Advantages of Buying

Buying a tuxedo gives you much more options in cuts, fabrics, and quality. In most cases a tuxedo you buy is of higher quality than the one you will find at a rental store. If you choose to buy a tuxedo, make sure that the jacket and pants are made from pure wool. It will not only look better, but will feel much more comfortable. The type of wool you choose depends on your budget. Choose at least a super 100s wool or higher. The higher the number the finer the individual wool threads are. The benefit: More shine, and more elegant draping effect. For your shoes also choose ones made from leather in upper and lower sole areas. Leather will not only mold to your feet, but it will allow for your feet to “breathe”.

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