Rev. Wright: Obama Spreading White, Racist Lies of the Constitution

Rev. Jeremiah Wright
Rev. Wright

AFRICANGLOBE – Reverend Jeremiah Wright criticized fellow African Americans, including President Barack Obama, for believing and spreading “White, racist” American history instead of the truth about the Black experience in America in a sermon Sunday in Washington, DC.

Speaking as a guest preacher at Florida Avenue Baptist Church’s 100thanniversary, Wright, who was a close friend of the Obamas until they left Wright’s church in 2008 after his famous “God Damn America” sermon became a campaign issue, charged that Obama was passing on the “written down lie” in the United States Constitution that ‘We hold these truths self-evident that all men are created equal.’

The phrase, which is actually the first line of the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution, was true at the time it was written only for White men, not all men, Wright professed.

Wright used the line as evidence of his overarching theme that White Americans are trying to force their version of history, which he referred to as his-story IE White males’ story, on African Americans.

“Most of our children do not know our story,” Wright said to encouragement from the congregation. “They are not taught our story. They are taught someone else’s story. They are taught his-story.”

The self-described ‘colorful’ pastor’s remarks were in succession with Wright’s well-documented belief in Black Liberation Theology, which seeks to free Black people from White racism and oppression.

“We’ve got to stop waiting on, depending on our enemies to tell our story to our children,” Wright said during his sermon Sunday.

Wright, a graduate of the predominately Black college Howard University, located next door to the church where he spoke Sunday, noted in his sermon that most of the bible takes place in the continent of Africa, not the so-called Middle East. (The Middle East is not a continent, he told the congregation.)

“This is not a time to romanticize because we have the first African American elected President in the White House. You see what the Tea Party’s trying to do,” Wright said.

In order to fight the indoctrination of young Blacks, Wright commanded the church to serve as the vehicle for preserving Black history and passing it down to younger generations of its congregation. Otherwise, young Black people will become “biscuits” and “sheep dogs” who will only remember “Oprah and Obama” and “speak the language of Nas, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne ‘Weezy’ and Ludacris.”

“We moved from having a negro in the ‘Big House’ to having a negro in the White House,” Wright declared.

In trying to explain why Blacks should be more proud of their African descent Wright attacked White heritage and Italian Americans in particular, saying Italian explorer Columbus introduced “racism and disease to the new world” yet he gets a holiday and prestigious universities named after him.

In the overly political sermon Wright subtly attacked Republican led-efforts to pass Voter ID laws and curb voter fraud, saying, “How can they [Black children] hope to know the new Jim Crow if they don’t know the old Jim Crow.”

In an attempt to justify his contentious claims, Wright compared himself to Black abolitionist Frederick Douglass, a former slave who escaped and moved to Washington, D.C. After a reading of one of Douglass’ works in which Douglass criticized the United States for not treating Blacks equally to Whites, Wright reminded the audience that Douglass, not a controversial preacher first said those words.

“Somebody ought to send that to Fox News,” he said to applause from the congregation.

The church, Florida Avenue Baptist, is one of the few “green” churches in America and is entirely solar-powered. Included in its pillars of faith are“Education” and “Social Justice.”

Until May of 2008 Wright was the Obama’s minister at Chicago mega-church Trinity United Church of Christ.

After an ABC News special on Wright’s sermons, then-candidate Obama claimed he knew nothing of Wright’s sermons. Obama protested that Wright “is like an old uncle who says things I don’t always agree with.” He was eventually forced to denounce Wright, however, after critics pointed out he had to have known about Wright’s political views after attending Wright’s church for 20 years.

Earlier this year, Wright told reporter Ed Klein that a friend of Obama’s tried to pay him $150,000 to stop speaking until after the 2008 election. Newsmax reports that shortly after the initial bribe, Obama secretly met with Wright in April 2008 to make a similar request.  The next month the Obama’s left Wright’s church and Wright retired from the church. Wright now travels around the country guest lecturing at colleges and preaching at churches, as he did in Washington, D.C.