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Why You Should Never Rush Into Relationships


Why You Should Never Rush Into Relationships
Take time to know her

AFRICANGLOBE – Some things that look good from afar are far from looking good. And, some people that appear to love you, appear to care about you and claim they will never mistreat you in the end turn out to be someone that hates your guts!

Do you remember the first time you saw what you believed to be that very, very special person? Their hair looked nice, their face looked pretty, their body was banging and they made you feel the best you’ve ever felt.

You couldn’t wait to tell your friends and family that you finally found your soul mate!

You began to do all you could to show that person some love and pretty soon you started a friendship that may have led to a relationship or, better yet, a long lasting marriage.

But oh, when someone else became the apple of your mates eye the first sign of changing times was changes in your sex life. You weren’t being held they way you used to be held, you weren’t being kissed the way you used to be kissed and the cat and the snake in the bedroom were not getting along whatsoever! Sex became non-existent!

Somebody wanted a clean up woman, or man, somebody wanted a back door Santa and somebody wanted another mule kicking in their stall!

You don’t know what is happening. Whatever is going on, you’re usually the last one to know. Everybody at work knows the party is over. Everybody at church knows the relationship service has reached the benediction and everybody at the club or the concert realizes the fat lady has began to sing!

After a breakup or a divorce people inevitably run into each other on the street, at an event or somewhere else.

Then, you make eye contact that person that was so beautiful or so handsome when you met years ago doesn’t look the same way that they did.

When you were together, you concentrated on the positive. You cherished the person both inside and out. There was far more to admire about the person than there was to despise.

Now, the person that looked curvy looks fat. That person that looked mature now looks old and creepy. That person that wore that frangrace that you loved so much now smells sweaty and stinky!

The moral of this column is people should be friends before they become partners or spouses. If you are a true friend, you will never think negatively about your friend.

You will never hate your former partner. You will never find a need to hate or disparage your former spouse to show your new person that you love them more than the old person.

Outside appearances are often what makes people interested in people they meet but like Judge Mabeline often said, “You have to look deep before you leap” into a serious relationship.

If you have no intentions of honoring vows about “thick and thin”, “richer and poorer” and “until death do you part”, don’t get married.

Getting a man or a woman is easy but when the person you love runs away from you if you’re a good man or woman you could be devastated!

Now who wants to see counselors and doctors and be on anti-depressants for years and years after an unpredictable breakup?

Not I said the cat!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net

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