Russell Simmons: Romney and Ryan ‘Will Destroy Our People’

Russel Simmons
Russell Simmons

Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons posted an impassioned plea to his Global Grind website today in response to Paul Ryan’s selection as the GOP vice presidential candidate, asking readers to vote for Obama and “stop the literal destruction of poor people in this country.”

Simmons, who in the post calls himself “a proud supporter of the Occupy movement,” is the author of “Super Rich: A Guide to Having It All.” Def Jam Records, the business he didn’t build with co-founder Rick Rubin, and the Phat Farm clothing line have helped him amass a reported net worth of $340 million.

Simmons was never a Romney supporter, but the selection of Paul Ryan seems to have thrown the race into sharp relief and inspired a day’s worth of tweets.

“I heard you both talk about poverty today, but we all know that if you take control of this country, you will eliminate every program we have that protects the most vulnerable,” Simmons wrote. “You are two men who will destroy our people and laugh all the way to the bank with your rich friends.”