Russian Neo Nazi Terrorize South African Student And Ukrainian Teens

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Russian Neo Nazi Terrorize South African Student And Ukrainian Teens
South African teen being terrorized by Neo Nazis in Russia

AFRICANGLOBE – The Russian government has continue to pump xenophobic propaganda on all state run media outlets. As a result fascists started to attack international students and even go on hunting tours (“safaris”) in nearby countries.

In Belgorod, Russia the infamous Neo Nazi group “Okkupaj Pedofilyaj” lured into the trap and tortured a South African teenager who went to Russia to study at the local University.

The victim identified himself as David Smith, 20 years old. On the video his captors detained David in the bathtub, shaved his head in a reverse mohawk, painted the shaved part in green, assaulted with watermelon and later made him imitate a sex act with a beer bottle.

Throughout the whole video gang members made numerous racial slurs and even made his victim say “White Power” in English (see the video below).

Certainly, xenophobia become a part of Russian official policy just as much as homophobia. Recently the same Neo Nazi groups conducted so-called “White Train Car” action where they attacked and severely assaulted non-ethnic Russians passengers in Moscow subway. The attack was carried out in the broad day light while chanting “Kill! Kill! Kill!”, Russian police did nothing to stop it.

Enjoying full impunity at home Russian Neo Nazi has decided to export their movement to the nearby Ukraine. Their infamous leader, Maxim Martsinkevich (aka “Tesak”, i.e. “Cleaver”) has just completed his Ukrainian tour where he personally captured and tortured 16-year-old boys while calling them “pedophiles”.

So far Ukrainian police and law enforcement took no action mimicking their Russian counterpart. Does it mean that Tesak and his gang are untouchables in all former Soviet Union countries?According to the sociologic research performed by Sarah Shulman, Advisory Board Member at Jewish Voice for Peace, Fellow at New York Institute for the Humanities at NYU:

  1. Use the word “fascism” when discussing the Russian regime.
  2. Boycott Russian government projects but actively support grassroots Russian activism and events.


Russian Neo Nazis Terrorize South African Teen