If Sandra Fluke Was Black, Would Rush Limbaugh Have Apologized

Rush Limbaugh

Someone should shoot a memo to members of the white feminist movement: Black folks have warned people about Rush Limbaugh for years.

What’s Rush The Mouth’s latest offense? Well, it’s not quite as bad as his telling a Black woman to take a bone out of her nose and call him back or saying that National Football League games “look like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons,” but it’s up there.

Now, Limbaugh doesn’t know a woman named Sandra Fluke from Adam or Eve. He never met the woman, yet he devoted one of his shows to denigrating her.

Fluke is a Georgetown University Law School student. She wanted to testify before California Rep. Darrell Issa’s committee about the controversy over President Obama’s policy compelling religiously affiliated institutions to provide coverage for contraceptives in their health insurance packages.

She never got that chance. Issa ruled she was too late, and that, since she was not a member of the clergy, wasn’t “qualified” to testify. So California Rep. Nancy Pelosi arranged for Fluke to testify before an unofficial congressional committee.

What Fluke said seemed innocuous enough: Her fellow female students at Georgetown had to shell out $1,000 a year for contraceptives because they weren’t covered by the school’s health insurance plan.

Fluke also said a friend of hers who needed birth control pills to prevent ovarian cysts lost an ovary because the lack of coverage prevented her from getting pills.

Limbaugh must have been really feeling his Cheerios when he heard Fluke’s testimony because he went into full-blown ignoramus mode.

Fluke wanted us to pay for her birth control pills, Limbaugh “reasoned.” She wanted us to pay for them because she was having too much sex. And a woman who wants others to pay for her to have sex, is, Limbaugh said, a “slut” and a “prostitute.”

Now, it’s one thing to race-bait and insult Blacks, which is part of Limbaugh’s regular shtick. After all, there are still plenty of white racists in his audience that agree with him. Insulting Black people does not hurt Limbaugh’s ratings one iota; advertisers don’t threaten to yank their ads from the show.

In fact, were Fluke Black, Limbaugh wouldn’t have taken as much heat as he’s taken. Unfortunately for him, Fluke is white.

Yes, Rush challenged the notion of pure, unsullied white womanhood. He called a white woman a slut and a prostitute? How’d he think that would go over?

It went over like flatulence at the Sunday church service. Many women, especially feminists, were outraged. They charged that Limbaugh and them mean old Republicans were engaging in a “war against women” and trying to restrict women’s reproductive rights.

But women weren’t the only ones outraged. As of press time, the heads of 41 companies – including Sleep Train, Sleep Number, J.C. Penney, AOL, Quicken Loans, ProFlowers and Legal Zoom – had decided to yank their ads from Limbaugh’s show.

David Friend is the CEO of the Carbonite Company, which also has ads that run on Limbaugh’s show. Friend didn’t say Carbonite was going to pull ads, but he did say that he was going to have a chat with Rush, and that “the outcry over Limbaugh is the most we’ve ever seen.” (Later news reports said Friend did pull Carbonite’s ads from the show.)

Now, we all know that Limbaugh says the outrageous things he says to build ratings for his show. That’s what his race-baiting – and his latest attempt at woman-baiting – is all about.

Remember his comments about NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb? reasonable statement that could be backed up by facts and statistics. But Limbaugh couldn’t resist his urge to race-bait.

NFL honchos and sportswriters were so desperate for a Black quarterback to succeed, Limbaugh “reasoned,” that they were making McNabb look better than he was.

So when it came time for Fluke’s turn in the old Limbaugh barrel, he thought it would be just fine to call the woman a “slut” and a “prostitute.” He thought wrong.

This past weekend, Limbaugh did something he almost never does: He issued an apology to Fluke.

In his statement, Limbaugh said, “My choice of words was not the best, and in the attempt to be humorous, I created a national stir.”

Translation: I’m about to lose some major money here if any more advertisers pull out, so I’m gonna have to eat a little crow.

I’m not sure if women will buy Limbaugh’s apology – GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul doesn’t – but when it comes to his over-the-top rants, it seems like the only group of people he can insult and get away with it is Black folks.