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Sean Hannity’s Black Conservatives


Sean Hannity Black Conservatives
What does it mean to be “conservative” anyway?

AFRICANGLOBE – I have absolutely no regard for Sean Hannity, the obnoxious, right-wing talk show propagandist for Fox News.

However, journalistic reasons compel me to occasionally watch him deliver his spiel to those who believe that they must “take back” their country from alien forces.

A recent such occasion was a Sean Hannity program featuring members of his posse whom he lovingly calls “Black conservatives.” Hannity, who comes off as a know-it-all college frat boy, smiled from ear to ear as his Black conservatives launched attacks on Black folks in general for their refusal to see the light about race and politics in this country and on the Obama administration in particular.

Sean Hannity’s Black conservatives basically oppose the Obama Administration for the same reasons as does Hannity and his right-wing cohorts. One of the main reasons for their fervid opposition is his advocacy for and support of government-sponsored programs. Such programs, they insist, destroy individual initiative and lead to dependency.

Children Left to Suffer

That position has some small grain of truth but they never say what will happen to children who need food stamps, day care, health care, etc. What they are basically saying is that children should be left to suffer because of the actions of irresponsible parents and other adults.

Another problem that Sean Hannity’s Black conservatives have with President Obama is that he’s not grateful enough to Whites in this country for the opportunities provided him. Black conservatives always come off as being deeply grateful to the U.S. for all the goodies they have accumulated.

What they so conveniently ignore is that the opportunities they now have don’t result from White folks becoming more accepting and their studying and working hard. Their opportunities are the direct result of thousands of Black folks (and a few Whites) putting their lives on the line in the late 1950s and 1960s fighting for equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity.

Black men, women and children were killed, brutalized and arrested in the intense struggle against White supremacy/racism. Many lost jobs and job opportunities. Others’ homes were firebombed. Their courage and determination is the main reason Hannity’s Black conservatives enjoy current opportunities.

Fighting for Independent Movement

Finally, not one of Sean Hannity’s Black conservatives showed the slightest interest in helping to develop an independent Black economic, political, and cultural movement in this country not tied to the Republican Party or the Democratic Party but willing to work with either on any given issue of mutual interest.

Ironically, this is a trait they share with Black liberals. What Black conservatives and Black liberals fight each other about is what group of Whites should we become an appendage of – White liberals or White conservatives, White Republicans or White Democrats, White Tea Partiers or White Wall Street Occupiers.

Neither faction has demonstrated the slightest interest in organizing a serious Black movement in this country which explains why the Sean Hannitys of the world have so little real respect for either Black liberals or Black conservatives.


Peter Bailey, a former associate editor of Ebony, is currently editor of Vital Issues: The Journal of African American Speeches.

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