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It Makes No Sense Asking White Politicians About A ‘Black Agenda’


It makes No Sense Asking White Politicians About A ‘Black Agenda’
The Trumps and the Clintons are both two sides of the same white supremacist coin.

AFRICANGLOBE – Oppressors are never under any obligation to give justice and equality to those who are oppressed.

The master has no moral justification to the slave because a slave is chattel.

Sadly, shamefully, and sinfully, we are living in these so-called ‘United States of America’ whereby people – especially African-Americans –are still raising the question to politicians and political parties, “What about the Black Agenda?”

Why Ask?

Why do we keep raising this question every election cycle to people who don’t really care about the Black Agenda? To be blunt about it, it’s stupid, insane, and irrational.

In asking the question of political candidates about their solutions to decrease Black unemployment, Black poverty, and anything revolving around Black issues gives a direct as well as indirect signal to them as well as to masses of people that we cannot handle our own business. They are under no obligation to help us as long as they see a needy attitude.

Every four years, it’s sickening and disturbing to see Democratic candidates pandering Black people for a vote. They come to our churches, eat our food, take pictures, and suck up so that many people are brainwashed into believing a lie.

During these interactions, there’s little deep discussion about issues that impact masses of people.

There’s little deep discussion about their absence in neighborhoods and communities they fail to visit until it’s voting time.

No Progress

Whenever African-Americans (definitely not all) become so comfortable in asking politicians and the government for a handout, progress and prosperity will never be made. Why? Because self-determination and self-expectation will be sidelined.

The success of any race and culture has to begin within. If there isn’t the desire to want better, do better, and expect better, a problem will always exist.

The challenge for African-Americans during this election year and future election years is to stop asking White people to address the Black Agenda. In a real sense, when we, as a people, learn to own, operate, and support our own entities, we will create opportunities for people to succeed. And when we learn to take care of our surroundings, we don’t have to worry about foolishness coming in.

While this is only a small step towards empowerment, the goal should be to do for self. It makes no sense to always keep asking the oppressors to help the oppressed.

It’s important to note here that I’m not categorizing all non-Black people as oppressors. I’m not saying all African-Americans are oppressed. But without a doubt, there are systems and institutions that are racist in nature.

Collective Effort

The best way to eliminate this mindset is to fight it through political involvement, social interaction, and financial empowerment. Unless there’s a collective effort to want better, nothing will be done.

So what’s the agenda for Black America? Clean up our communities and neighborhoods. Create and support Black-owned businesses. Establish programs that will eliminate Black-on-Black crime.

Stop blaming White people and other non-Blacks for some of the ills that’s plaguing us as African-Americans. Get involved politically and not become party loyalists. Develop a liberating mindsets

The Black Agenda isn’t about asking others to do for us when in fact we can and should do for ourselves.


By: Dr. Sinclair Grey III

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