Home Headlines Serving New Masters: Black Pastors Endorse Jesus Garcia In Chicago Mayor’s Race

Serving New Masters: Black Pastors Endorse Jesus Garcia In Chicago Mayor’s Race

Serving New Masters: Black Pastors Endorse Jesus Garcia In Chicago Mayor’s Race
So-called Black leaders will go from bowing down to one ethnic group to the next

AFRICANGLOBE – In another blow to the campaign of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a group of African American ministers and faith leaders gave a full-throated endorsement of Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia. The group was lead by the Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr., the head of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. In a press release by the Garcia campaign, the gathering brought together highly-respected African American ministers from as far away as South Chicago and Austin. The group gathered at Rev. Leonard DeVille’s Englewood church to endorse Garcia for Chicago mayor. In These Times reported yesterday “Garcia could be on his way to building the cross-racial coalition needed to unseat Emanuel and become Chicago’s first Latino mayor.”

This past Saturday, Garcia received the endorsement of the Teamsters Local 743, a union representing 10,000 workers. Garcia also received the support of U.S. Rep. Danny Davis (D-IL), another prominent African American leader in Chicago.

Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. endorsed Garcia saying, “We need neighborhood redevelopment. We have lost 50 schools, grocery stores and have vacant lots. We are tired of this. Dr. King left Chicago 50 years ago. We have been blessed to know Chuy Garcia for many many years. He has the consistent track record of service to become mayor of Chicago.”

The ministers who attended the endorsement event at Alpha Temple MB Church, 6701 S. Emerald, pointed to Garcia’s “commitment to fairness and equity as a linchpin in cementing their support.” The ministers also lauded Garcia’s longstanding “willingness as a legislator and civic advocate to reach across barriers of geography and community to advocate for progressive initiatives that benefit all of Chicago’s neighborhoods and residents.”

“Since Dr. King passed, we have had vacant lots and redevelopment that has been promised to us,” said Old St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church Reverend Paul Jakes. “After 50 years, we have not seen the redevelopment. Chuy Garcia will make a difference for the City of Chicago. We can do this together..and we will.”

Rev. DeVille led the group, which included State Rep. Mary Flowers and retired County Board President Bobbie Steele, through the neighborhood after the endorsement session, in a tour that underscored the neglect and disinvestment the community has continued to confront under four years of Rahm Emanuel’s leadership.

The names of the African American ministers endorsing Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia for Mayor of Chicago included the following:

  • Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rainbow PUSH Coalition
  • Rev. Leonard DeVille, Englewood’s Alpha Temple Missionary Baptist Church
  • Dr. George W. Waddles, Sr., President of the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education
  • Rev. Paul Jakes, Old St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church
  • Rev. Marshall Hatch, New Mount Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church
  • Pastor Ira Acree, Greater St. John Bible Church
  • Pastor Daniel Garrett, Spirit Redeemed Missionary Baptist Church.
  • Rev Leon Jenkins, Greater Salem Baptist Church.
  • Pastor George Howse, The Christian Temple Missionary Baptist Church
  • Minister Michael Brown, Zion Hill MB Church
  • Pastor Bryant Jones, Samaritan Bible Church
  • Pastor Corwin D. Lasenby, Sr., South Chicago’s Pilgrim Baptist Church
  • Reverend Kennis Harvey
  • Pastor Tyran Laws, The Christian Fellowship
  • Minister Lee Watkins, Zion Hill MB Church
  • Rev. Franklin Williams, Alpha Temple Missionary Baptist Church
  • Pastor Mitty Collier, More Like Christ Christian Fellowship Church


By: John Prests

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