SHOCKING: Disturbing Video Shows White Cop Raping Black Teen Inside Jail Cell

WATCH: Video Shows White Cop Raping Black Teen Inside Police Holding Cell
The sick bastard can be seen assaulting and grinding on the unconscious 15-year-old.

AFRICANGLOBE – A deeply disturbing video has surfaced online that appears to show a white police officer beating and raping a young Black girl.

The video surfaces at a time when tensions between police and citizens are at an all time high.

Police continue trying to convince Americans that they are “victims” who are in “fear for their lives.”

But the cameras do not lie, and what the cameras show is that police are killing and sexually assaulting innocent victims.

In the footage you are about to see, Officer Frederick Soldaat knocked a Black teen unconscious while she was handcuffed.

He then appears to punch the side of her head or force her down repeatedly.

Eventually the girl goes limp, and that is when you can see him mounting her and grinding his genitals onto her passed out body.

An ex-officer is said to have leaked the footage after he became disgusted with rampant abuse and corruption within departments.

Preliminary reports indicate that it took place in Cape Town, South Africa, after the teen and her mother were in an argument.

The rape is reported to have occurred on August 30, 2016 and the video appears to have surfaced online on Friday, September 23, 2016.

The girl was only 15 years old, according to reports.

Reports indicate that the girl was initially taken from her home after an argument with her mother.

Police justified arresting her and taking her into custody so that she could calm down, reports suggest.

The young girl reported being raped by the officer and the video does not refute her.

Officer Soldaat is currently being held in jail until Monday when he is expected by some to post bail.

That the event happened in Cape Town reminds us that this kind of abuse is not dependent on accidental or random circumstances, but it is an inherent consequence of perceived government “authority” of some human beings over others.

A search through some of the recent cases of police sexual abuse in the United States vindicates this.

For instance, a cop was found guilty after reports of raping multiple young boys. He would take them into closets and rape them at their schools, reports say.

Another cop was reported to have raped as many as twenty infants and toddlers.

A quick search online will yield hundreds of other cases, seemingly without end.

We warn you, the footage you are about to see is disturbing. Discretion is advised.

Evidently there are people who don’t want this video getting out, so if it stops working below, do a search and you should find re-uploaded videos.


Sick Bastard Rapes Black Teen Girl In Jail Cell!