Shooting in Israel Leaves Three African Migrants Hospitalized AGAIN!

Israel African shooting
Jews are on a murder campaign against Africans

Gunfire in the Israeli financial capital Tel Aviv injured three African migrants on Saturday night in the city’s central bus station. Authorities not wanting to report correctly that Africans are under attack in Israel have simply stated that those involve were African migrants. At least one person was shot in the chest, and another in the hand, but no fatalities have been reported.

The incorrect reporting of the incident will be sure to add to the anti-African campaign being waged by the Netanyahu government.

A spokesman for Magen David Adom (MDA), Israel’s emergency service organization, announced that two of the victims remained in critical condition, while a third was lightly injured, however authorities have failed to mention if there are any suspects in custody. After being called to the scene MDA officers evacuated the three victims to Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer. No further information regarding the shooting has been released, but a police investigation is ongoing.

The incident follows a stabbing committed last month, during which three Eritrean migrants were assaulted in an Internet café in Tel Aviv’s Shapira neighborhood.

The suspect in that case was described as a 38-year-old “mentally disturbed” citizen (a Jew).

Other recent violence included a shooting in July, when a man opened fire on a group of Eritrean men sleeping in a doorway in south Tel Aviv. Only one man was wounded in that case.

And one of the most attention-grabbing recent cases, last month about two dozen Jewish youth surrounded Arab teen Jamal Julani, 17, and began beating him, kicking him even after he fell to the ground, unconscious. Apparently the group was looking to assault any Arab they encountered after a girl in their gang claimed she was raped by a group of Arabs.

“I am full of shame and outrage at what we witnessed over the weekend in Jerusalem,” Peres said from the Arab town of Majd ek Karum in the northern Galilee. “Jamal Julani was beaten up for no reason other than because he is an Arab. This is an intolerable incident of violence that we must uproot from our midst. The perpetrators must be brought to justice and every effort must be made to bring Arab and Jewish youth together.”

In a nation sensitive to every perceived and real ethnic slight between Arabs and Jews, Peres knows the beating could have the potential to explode into a far bigger conflict.

This incident is just another violent episode in a long line of sustained violence against African migrants that have fled genocide in Darfur and Eritrea, recently members of the Israeli government have been issuing derogatory and inflammatory statements against African migrants, Israel has also passed laws aimed at putting all African migrants in concentration camps.