The Silly End Of Racism

The Silly End Of Racism
Colourism in the Black community must end

AFRICANGLOBE – To truly understand the levels of racism in the human mind will drive a person insane and I”m sure it has done that to many. But I will attempt to try an make it clear as it applies to Black people. To start I have to say that the root of racism is ”Low Self-Esteem ” on both sides. For one , the idea of Black in the minds of all people represents inferiority. And those who are Black embrace that idea more than any other people. Most Blacks see no value in their color no matter how much they pretend to praise it ( But Later in this article you will find that to be a good thing. )

Blacks like anyone else are ” Racist ” just like the Black birds are racist against the blue birds. Racism is a natural feeling and will be as long as humans have eyes to see. Among Blacks racism exists against light skinned Blacks and dark skinned Blacks. This is a very complex sickness between the two but here goes – Light skinned Blacks feel that they are better because light skin is closer to White. And with that mentality they become arrogant and look down on darker skinned Blacks.

Then on the other side darker skinned Blacks feel lesser in the presence of lighter skinned Blacks. And if a lighter skinned Black is educated that only intensifies their arrogance and makes the darker feel worse. But I also noticed that the lighter sometimes envies the darker person and wants to be tanner and a lot of light skinned women date darker men to have darker children because of this ( And vise-versa )

It seems as though they both want to be each others color but wont out right admit it. But why do they secretly envy each other if both are so content in their skin ? ( Because they both have low self-esteem ) and that is the root of racism itself. So they play the childish” Devaluing Game ” making the other feel that their color is worthless. When in fact they are both right, because it is only the texture and other physiological factors that make skin valuable. Humans argue color because all humans want superiority – and that stems from needing to build their self-esteem in most cases. And they look for ways to accomplish that and color superiority just happens to be one of the primitive ways to build self-esteem.

But they not only use color , they use body features , intelligence , money , materials , all in an attempt to feel important. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr had a plan to integrate with Whites to lighten the skin color of Blacks. Because Blacks hated their color so badly and wanted to be lighter , that was a good idea at the time. But that only spawned more racism because of the superiority humans need to feel when their self-esteem is low. And contrary to popular belief , Blacks need it more than most because they have never felt superior. But color is not the root of their problem , it is the lack of self-esteem and color is just a means to feel valuable – but it is not a permanent solution.

They need to constantly belittle others in order to sustain this feeling like a crack head that needs dope every 2 to 4 hours. Or just like crack heads they will go into withdraw and begin to loose self-esteem and feel worthless again. There life is a never ending cycle of building themselves up by destroying others, and it really has nothing to do with color. the trick about color is that it activates feelings of inferiority in those with opposite colors – but only if low-self esteem is present. So all of those we see that are arguing color importance 85% of the argument is stemming from emotions caused by low-self esteem. ( All of which is normal human behavior ) not caused by hate but by the frailty of being human.

So what is the solution ? If we remove the color mechanisms from our optical nerves and make everyone color blind that would not work. Because then there would be other issues such as hair texture and body features. So should we make everyone look alike with the same body features ? No , because then there would be intellectual differences and speech differences. So we correct that right ? No , then there would be financial differences and different tastes in clothing and material things.

Were would it all end ? When would we all feel equal ? Does it really take transforming humanity into robots for there to be equality ? Or is it just as simple as to stop focusing on what the next man or woman has or doesn’t have and worry about yourself. And instead of looking for weaknesses in others , look for their strengths and exploit those. And know that we all are perfect in some way , and we all are not perfect in others. ( Why ? ) Because we all are human , not some divine beings that are gifts from god.

If we are so special , the sons and daughters of god ( Why do we get sick and die ? ) why do we have low-self esteem in the first place ? We should be full of self-esteem being the children of the almighty. The fact is we are not those things , we are just flesh and blood with no supernatural powers that come with being a certain color. The color of your skin is like Money – it is the root of all your evil ( What do I mean ? ) skin color brings out all of who you really are – good or bad for the world to see. And ” That is God’s trick on humans I think ” and beauty does the same thing , and those actions define what your color represents. Because the color itself in all fairness is nothing , it is the human spirit behind the flesh that makes your color great or worthless.

And on the other side of that , it is the color that can make the human spirit great or worthless. So you have to ask yourself is this fragile skin that withers and dies greater than my priceless spirit ? Because when the spirit leaves these colorful bodies that we worship , hate and envy – they all turn into what they always were when they were alive – Dirt. And unfortunately that is what all our arguing and jealousy and killing was over , simply to get some respect for a colorful pile of useless dirt.


By: King Muhammad


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