The Slaver’s Dream Come True

The Slaver’s Dream Come True
A disgraceful display of ignorance and internalized negative self perceptions

AFRICANGLOBE – “Danger, Educated Black Man!” is something we see from time to time on T-Shirts being sold and worn on the streets of our cities.

Everyone knows that many people in this society fear the educated Black mind simply because it is not as prone to believe all the lies taught about Africans in this society. In a previous article, I wrote about how the refusal to teach African history in our schools created many false impressions about Blacks which encourages young Whites to quietly feel it was alright or even necessary to keep Black people down.

Maybe not even realizing it, they might subconsciously feel it was the right thing to do since, obviously, Blacks had never contributed anything to civilization. It is kept secret, as much as possible how much Africans have contributed to this country and the world in every conceivable way, especially: in the areas of human relations; the military; technologies; and many other areas. The focus, not surprisingly, is always on sports and entertainment.

These vicious policies have even made some young Blacks through ignorance to be complicit in their own retardation and destruction. The destruction is really heaped on when they are sucked in by traps and tricks set up for them or else, they proudly march right into the prison system.

There’s been a long dispute as to whether a long time ago, a certain Willie Lynch made a speech giving instructions on how enslaved Africans could be made to perpetuate their bondage without the slavers having to lift not even one evil finger.

It is very possible that this speech was probably a hoax as it seems that the document credited to Willie Lynch used language that was not in use during his lifetime. But it rang so true that many people, including myself thought these insidious utterances might have been actually made.

What’s not a hoax, however, was a speech made by a delegate in the Virginia legislature shortly after a slave rebellion led by an enslaved African, Nat Turner in August 1831. Please note: There were over 20 major slave revolts. I quote the delegate:

“We have as far as possible closed every avenue by which light may enter slaves’ minds. If we could extinguish the capacity to see the light our work would be completed; they would then be on a level with the beasts of the field”. (The delegate’s speech is from:  Black Song by John Lowell Jr., The Forge And The Flame). 

All along, it has been the policy of this country and this city in its schools and in many other ways to under-educate and mis-educate our people and the world on the true nature of African history; as if to fulfill that vision in the delegate’s 19th century speech.

It is an actual fear that our history will be learned and everyone will know this entire culture has been built on a bed of lies, hundreds or maybe even thousands of them. So now, we come the title of this article:  “The Slaver’s Dream Has Come True”.

Some of us, especially our young men have been pushed backwards to the point where they openly call the most precious people in the world “B*tches”. They have no respect for themselves either, as they refer to themselves as “N*ggers”.

Truly the slavers have won, as no light exists in the minds of some of these young men. The flag they worship is Rap/HipHop and it is flown the world over as others celebrate and enjoy wallowing in the complete destruction of so many Black minds. The slavers wanted to create a race of “N*ggers”; with some men who identify themselves as such, in the 21st century, clearly the slavers’ good work has been done.

These are the fruits of created stupidity. Far too many young Blacks are still clinging to what teens of my generation of the late 1950s and early 1960s believed so whole-heartedly; especially that the part about becoming a man requires serving “hard time” in prison.

I must speak bluntly because this is a serious matter. Unfortunately, the term “hard time” could refer to the senior criminal’s thrusting hard into some of these new young inmates who signal their complicity by wearing their pants at mid thigh with their underpants in full view.

The music my generation loved and did the “grind” to was called “Soul Music”. Today, of course, many couples no longer seem to dance with each other; they dance “at” each other to “Soul-less music” or “beats” created by or on a computer.

I know how these beats are made; for a while, I used to make them for a living. A divide has developed between many of our youth. Some young Black men and women do not see each other as human beings.

Also, some of them seek to be with and worship a criminal element, or to say it another way, guys with “Street Credits”.  It might then be said that they are approaching being “on a level with the beasts of the field” as the 19th century delegate wanted when compared to what they could have aspired to be.

Now I’m sure many will say I’m wrong and seek to defend some of our youth’s culture. This will be and has been a very serious mistake.

You cannot defend a youth culture that glorifies criminality, disrespects our Sisters and disrespects themselves. To choose prison culture over academic culture can only lead to the destruction of our civilization.

This is all some of these young men are accomplishing, regardless of how much they love the doing of it or how much money the systems stuffs into their pockets for complicity in their own destruction.

You can strut around showing your underpants all you want, no-one can stop you. But let’s look into the future a little bit. Fifty years from now, if any of them are still alive, are we to hold their draws up to the world and proudly claim that this is the legacy of our Ancient Egyptian Civilization in this society?

The highest level of civilization ever to exist on this planet has been reduced to women being called “Bitches”; and “N*ggers” showing off their draws.

Is this what we are supposed to be proud of?  Are we to glorify young men having guns in their hands shouting “get rich or die trying”? This is the driving wheel?

Is the goal of academic or business accomplishment, raising a beautiful family and contributing to civilization to be seen as the goal of fools?

For many, it is already too late. They are steadily on the way to becoming institutionalized in some dark prison. They have chosen and have adapted to a life without women. But to some, this will seem too bleak an existence.

I grew up on the streets of Brooklyn, in Red Hook to be exact, as a member of the El Kovons street gang back in the day to be even more exact and it was certainly not the existence I wanted.

Life has always had way more to offer but I grew up with a lot of friends who simply didn’t want more. As I look around the Harlem neighborhood I live in today, I still see too many whose eyes are closed to what education and hard work can lead to.

I think the goal for all of us should be trying to lead a decent and productive life in this crumpled society.



By: Winston Munford