From Slavery To Trump: White Women Have Always Been On #TeamWhiteSupremacy

From Slavery To Trump: White Women Have Always Been On #TeamWhiteSupremacy
White women have always benefited from the exploitation of Black people.

AFRICANGLOBE – When 52 percent of white women who voted helped Donald Trump win the presidency in 2016, pundit jaws hit the floor. Despite months of polls, few predicted that a majority of white women would shun Hillary Rodham Clinton in favor of a racist and misogynist who bragged about his non-consensual grabbing of women’s vaginas and faced multiple accusations of sexual assault and misconduct.

Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers was only shocked that anyone was shocked.

“A small majority, but nevertheless an important majority of white women embraced Donald Trump and what he stands for – embracing, ultimately, white supremacy,” Jones-Rogers, author of the compelling new book “They Were Her Property: White Women as Slave Owners in the American South,” told me when I interviewed her. For the past decade, she researched the role of many white women during the slavery era, and finds modern parallels with women who support Donald Trump.


By: Renee Graham