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Spain Elects First Black Member Of Parliament


Spain Elects First Black Member Of Parliament
Rita Bosaho

AFRICANGLOBE – A former nurse has made history in Spain by becoming the first Black Member of Parliament.

Rita Bosaho secured the coastal city of Alicante according to The Guardian.

Born in Equatorial Guinea, Bosaho moved to Spain more than 30 years ago, working as nurse before moving into politics.

On her historical win, the Podemos politician told El País: “It’s about time, isn’t it?”

In Spain, immigrants make up roughly 15 per cent of the population but represent less than one per cent of the country’s lawmakers.

The 50-year-old told Spanish news agency Efe: “Why is it so striking that a Black woman could end up in parliament? What does that say about us all being integrated?”

The shortage of diversity in Spain’s institutions, she said, comes down to a lack of opportunities. “It’s a structural problem that needs to be put in context, looking at the social panorama of Spain.”

With a reputation for activism, the politician has vocalised her intention to prioritise violence against women and raising the profile of women in politics and business.

“We talk about rights and equality and the constitution protects us,” said Bosaho. “But what happens with institutional representation or women in business? Why aren’t our voices being heard there?”

The mother-of-one is a member of the left-wing Spanish political party Podemos, who have managed to rise to become the third largest part in the parliament commanding 69 out of 350 seats after securing 21 per cent of the votes on Sunday (Dec 20).

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