Stop Allowing Politicians To Trick Us Black People!

Stop Allowing Politicians To Trick Us Black People
Obama’s state of the union address mentioned nothing about the economic crisis facing Black America

AFRICANGLOBE – I believe so-called big issues the National Democratic Party will focus on to generate votes in upcoming elections are an increase in the minimum wage and immigration reform.

No personal problem with that strategy because the current minimum wage is too low and new and improved immigration polices need to be legislated and enacted.

Regarding minimum wages, however, it doesn’t matter how much the minimum wage is increased if government allows sellers of necessary products and services to merely raise prices as high as they can and whenever they want to raise prices!

The stupid political idea to suggest wage raises to get votes and at the same time call for tax breaks for beast bankers, insurance crooks and other financial criminals is discredited. And, also the support of corporate and business deregulations that will allow people to be robbed by greedy corporate executives must be abandoned!

As far as immigration goes, the politicians that you love have no intentions of making any fair changes in immigration policies. They will put something together to please the Cubans or please the Mexicans, but try to come to the USA on an inner tube from Haiti and see how much love the Black people seeking to immigrate to this country get!

The lighter you are, the righter you are. You will have zero problems if you try to come to the United States if you come here from Europe. If you are not Black, not only can you already come here when you desire, you can come here and work and no one will make fun of you.

Where in the world do you think many of the White NBA players come from? They come from Germany, France, Russia, European Georgia and other non-Blacks come from Japan, China, Argentina and no one says a mumbling word. No one talks about hockey players coming here from Canada and many other countries.

Black people in the United States tend to believe anything that is said in Washington, D.C. No one needs to show African Americans anything, there’s no need to prove anything and no politician ever has to point to Black businesses that he has helped or Black people that he has served. All a White politician has to say is “I love Martin Luther King”, “I support Obama”, “I watch BET”, “I eat soul food” and “I love FAMU and Morehouse and Alabama State” or any other Black school.

How many rivers will we have to cross before we stopped being tricked by the devilish boss?

What is best for political parties sometimes is not necessarily what is best for us.

If politicians want to help Black people, they should patronize Black companies and give more contracting opportunities to Black entrepreneurs.

To increase jobs for Blacks in 2014 politicians have to understand that Black businesses hire Black workers! We need to patronize each other. We need to hire each other.

One day you’ll stop falling for the political BS and you’ll declare that you’re tired of being misled, bamboozled, tricked and trapped by the political cracker jack!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at

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