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Stop Letting Politicians Use You As Props – The Gantt Report


Stop The Props - The Gantt Report
Bill Clinton signing the welfare to work bill flanked by two Black women

AFRICANGLOBE – Your coworkers truly believe that all Black Americans know each other. When a Black man or woman walks into the office, non-Blacks are quick to ask you, “Who is that?”

Well, all Black people don’t know each other and all Black women don’t have to, or want to, be a political prop for conservative Congressmen that suggest that they aren’t racist because an Aunt Jemima stands behind them at a Congressional committee meeting!

Black women, men and people of all other races and groups can support the politicians and political parties of their choice but no Black woman should lower herself by agreeing to buck dance through the halls of the US Congress for Congressional closet klansmen, white nationalists or neo-nazis!

It is no secret that the President and his supporters are pandering to their redneck base.

They can’t be neutral. They can’t be fair. They can’t support a righteous inquiry when they are on the side of evil, wickedness and deceit!

Way back during slavery days, slave holders loved to use Black women as belly warmers, baby mamas and midnight booty calls.

But today is not a slavery day!

Now is the time for Black women, and men, to just say no. No, I won’t be a political prop. No, I won’t be a political puppet and no, I won’t be a political punk!

If Black men will ever get anywhere in America, and in the world, they will get there with Black women, side by side, hand in hand and arm in arm!

We need modern day Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubmans, Ida B Wells and Angela Davis type women.

We need 2019 Fannie Lou Hammers and Winnie Mandelas!

Just because the devil gives you a government job it doesn’t mean you’re on the pedestal reserved for white women.

You and Kathleen Cleaver and Assata Shakur and other conscious Black women aren’t mistreated, exploited and victimized because you are a Democrat or a Republican, African American women are used as political props because they are BLACK!

Respect yourselves Black women in politics. Stop the prop sheet!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net


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